Tickets, Goods, and Spotify

Hey, folks. How's the winter treating you? Were sorry we haven't been more post-happy lately. It's been a weird month, but we hope to get some live reports done in the near future.

However, first things first: the new news from Buck-Tickistan!

First, we would like to announce that due to some Blog-Tickers overestimating their ability to fill seats at B-T shows, we have several tickets available for sale for Buck-Tick's shows at Takasaki Arena on December 23rd and the Nippon Budoukan on December 28th and 29th. If any of y'all are interested in any of these tickets, please contact us right away. We will be selling each of them for the original price plus fees. Two of the sets of Budoukan tickets are contiguous pairs, so if you want to go as a pair and sit together, you can do that! Just let us know right away.

Second, as some of you may have noticed, there are new DIQ 2017 tour goods available in addition to the ones we've already profiled earlier this year. These goods happen to include the ugliest t-shirt ever made, which comes with an attached fake plaid shirt tied around the waist. Kids, let us remind you: plaid shirts are only cool if you are a lumberjack or an out lesbian. Otherwise, they are cultural appropriation, hipster cosplay, or you haven't come out of the closet yet but we encourage you to come out because enough of this heteronormative world already. But there's a caveat to that - plaid shirts are never, we repeat, never cool if you tie them around your waist. This shirts-tied-around-waist thing is really a trend in Japan this year, which we find very surprising as it basically indicates that this year in Japan, looking as uncool as possible has become cool. #makeitstop. In any case, if any of y'all want to place any further tour goods orders with us, just shoot us an email. For only 6000 yen each, one of these fabulous tees could be yours. Don't worry - if you pay us, we won't judge you.

Good God, there are two of them!?

Third, and much more importantly, Buck-Tick have announced that on February 21st, they will be releasing a second single in advance of their forthcoming new album. Entitled Moon Sayonara wo Oshiete, this single will contain the original version of "Moon Sayonara wo Oshiete," which appeared in remix form as the b-side to Babel, plus an additional song. It will be available in three versions - two limited editions, plus a regular edition. Limited Edition A will contain a bonus BluRay disc, while Limited Edition B will contain a bonus DVD. Both visual discs will contain the music video for "Moon Sayonara wo Oshiete." The pricing is listed below. If you'd like to reserve this single through Cayce, just shoot us an email. We will make sure you get your Tower Records bonus goodies.

Moon Sayonara wo Oshiete Limited Edition A - 2570 (incl. tax)
Moon Sayonara wo Oshiete Limited Edition B - 2030 (incl. tax)
Moon Sayonara wo Oshiete Regular Edition - 1080 (incl. tax)

Also, we invite all of you to take guesses as to what English lyrics Mr. Sakurai is singing in the chorus to this song. Is it "Under the moonlight/You bring me down every time"? Is it "Plunder the moonlight/You go to town every night"? Is it something else? You decide! Let the mondegreens abound!

Fourth, Buck-Tick's most recent single "Babel" will be featured as the ending theme of the series Unforgettable, which will air weekly on Tuesday nights at 1:34 AM on Nihon Terebi Kanto Local starting on December 19th. However, the first broadcast only will air at 2:34 AM instead of 1:34. Note that when they say Tuesday night, they mean the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, not the night between Monday and Tuesday.

In addition, "Babel" and some other selected popular B-T songs will soon be available on the music streaming service Spotify, in addition to Apple Music, LINE Music, and Google Play. It's unclear whether these songs will also be available on the international versions of these streaming services, so overseas fans, please let us know - because if these songs do indeed become available overseas, it means that the B-T management actually took our advice! Fingers crossed.

Fifth, the usually-truant Fish Tank newsletter is scheduled to be sent out spot on time on December 25th, the day otherwise known as Christmas. Why are they bothering to get it out on time this month, after failing to do so for the past year? We really hope it's because they're doing a standing tour and they need to announce the ticket sales in a timely fashion. We really hope it's because they're doing a standing tour and they need to announce the ticket sales in a timely fashion. We really hope it's because they're doing a standing tour and they need to announce the ticket sales in a timely fashion. We really hope it's because they're doing a standing tour and they need to announce the ticket sales in a timely fashion. We really hope it's because they're doing a standing tour and they need to announce the ticket sales in a timely fashion. We really hope it's because they're doing a standing tour and they need to announce the ticket sales in a timely fashion... (say it with us ad infinitum...)

Anyway, that's all our news for now. Pray with us that we can lose this cold so we can write live reports.


  1. I had wrote a comment but my phone hates me and don’t know if it send the post. So if feel free to not post this. The single is available on southamerica at least. But a friend from USA told is not on her country, too bad. So let’s hope they release another singles and album, god knows we need them.
    Also, that shirt is ugly af
    And can’t wait to go to the final concerts (I still don’t know which seats I have)
    And can’t wait to listen to moon in original version

    1. The short amount of time that suddenly part of Catalogue 2005 was available on Spotify in the US, I made sure as many people as I could tell knew and i even used it to introduce new listeners.

      I feel we have some kind of licensing issues in the US that make things troublesome. Lots available for download purchase through iTunes and Amazon, less available on streaming platforms :(

    2. Me too! I was so happy when they put the Catalogue 2005 on spotify. I hope they put more stuff later. And as a comment below said, for me it's pretty amazing theres more Der zibet albums ob spotify than Buck Tick (tho i'm also happy because I really like Der Zibet too) There's must be a problem with the licensing as you say let's hope they solve that soon.

  2. Muito obrigado .
    Aqui no Brasil consigo acesso as musicas do cd single Babel pelo Spotfy , é um grande avanço para fãs que moram do outro lado do planeta como eu .

  3. The new single Babel is also available on spotyfie in Germany but unfortunately only Babel. I hope they see how many people around the world love Buck Tick and upload the rest for all countrys .

  4. I can confirm that Babel is available to stream on Spotify here in the UK as well as to buy from the iTunes store. I'll be buying the single and then streaming it as much as possible instead to show maximum support. It'd be great if this was the start of something much bigger.

    I quite like the design of those t-shirts, which makes it an even greater shame that the designer had to tack on a fake plaid shirt and turn them into such monstrosities. When I saw them online ahead of the Osaka shows, I was seriously concerned that the fashion police would show up to the venue and force them to stop trading.

    Fingers crossed that their upcoming tour is the standing tour that you have been longing for!

    1. Next time, please do call up the Fashion Police to report an anonymous tip of Crimes Against Sartorium. Rei, Yohji, Issey, Jean-P, Rick, and the late great Alex will thank you.

  5. Pleasantly surprised to see that the Babel single is now available on Spotify in Canada. Its also their only music available on Spotify in Canada. I'm shocked to see that Der Zibet has 6 albums up for streaming, but BT only just now put one single up.

    And on quite a tangential note, clicking "Related Artists" brought me to Mucc and I learned that they have an album called "Koroshi No Shirabe II: This is Not Greatest Hits". What kind of ultra fanboyism is this?

    1. Some members of Mucc (I think it was the vocalist Tatsuro, but I'm not 100% sure and I'm too busy to check right now) were in a Buck-Tick copyband with members of Merry and deadman back in the day when all those bands were little-known indie acts. So that ought to indicate the level of fanboyism going on here.

  6. Babel and the Moon b-side are available to buy on iTunes in the UK (along with 2 older singles, which makes up the totality of all that's B-T in that store IIRC).

    Also I assume there's an early (on-time) F-T mag out because of upcoming album release announcement and subsequent hall tour? But who knows, these days :)

    1. Don't kill our hope preemptively! It's not even Christmas yet!

  7. I can confirm that the Babel single is on Apple Music in the US! Also, thanks for the update!

  8. I was just on the U.S. iTunes and Babel and it's b-side are available for download.

    I died. I just died.


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