Rozen Katzer

The kanji, romaji, and translations for "Gustave" and "Barairo Juujidan -Rozen Kreuzer-" are now up on This is NOT Greatest Site. Gustave is one dirty tomcat! Prepare to be offended! Also, poll question: if you were a cat, would you hook up with your cat? Would you hook up with your cat if your cat were a person? If the very idea freaks you out, you're probably not freaky enough to be a Buck-Tick fan, because Sakurai seems to be doing his best to transform himself into Kurumi-chan's ideal tom. Also, note that Sakurai described this song as "a kawaii story about a cat in love with his mistress," but we'd like to assure beginning learners of Japanese that while kawaii can mean a lot of different things, it doesn't usually mean kinky. Also, we love the shoutout to Steve Strange (RIP).

For fun, here's a symbolic engraving of the Temple of the Rosy Cross. Note its resemblance to Howl's Moving Castle.

And here's the Rose Cross symbol of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

And here's Rudolph Valentino as a dashing matador in the 1924 film Blood and Sand.

And here are some drawings of Gustave and other creatures by Higuchi Yuuko.

Look, it's Imai's favorite flower, the Rafflesia!

Look, it's Gustave the Crocodile with Gustave the Cat!

Mm those mushrooms look good!

Gustave official tea!

Higuchi Yuuko's own cat Boris, as a fairy.

For amazing Gustave goods, check out Higuchi Yuuko's web shop here.


  1. To answer that poll: I.... kinda find my cat to be the handsomest boy...... Am I a furry this is awkward

  2. Thank you for translating! My father was an AMORC member before marriage, but doesn't talk much about it. I want to keep these kind of esoteric studies -and have pages of questions about it- but this whole damn year will be very busy balancing work and studies (@_@) Care to talk about it someday? *puppy eyes*

    1. Sounds interesting! Feel free to email me any time you like.


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