Mr. Sakurai Has Officially Been Declared Corona-Free

As of a little past 9PM this evening, Fish Tank informed members via email that Mr. Sakurai had officially been declared corona-free, and had completed the required post-treatment quarantine, and therefore he will be back onstage this Friday, to celebrate Yagami Toll's 60th birthday. As Mr. Sakurai would probably shout if he were onstage right now, Whoo! You can all sleep soundly at night now! Go go on B-T train!

Anyway, everyone, stay safe, stay well, y'all. Eat healthy food, drink plenty of water, and get enough sleep. The best way to keep yourself from getting sick is to take care of your basic health on a daily basis. Also, for those of you living in areas that have been experiencing extreme heat waves (not gonna name names, *cough* Tokyo) - don't just drink water, make sure you get your electrolytes, too - if you don't like sports drinks, eating a little pinch of sea salt or Himalayan salt with each glass of water you drink is what staves off dehydration, and dehydration and heat stroke are bad, bad news. Stay out of the sun and don't push yourself further than you can handle. If you start to feel sick, seek a cool place immediately. If you're really feeling ill, get in a cold shower or cold path, then use ice packs on your neck and face (plus tons of electrolyte fluids, a little at a time). But for now, let's revel in the good news.



  1. Yay!!! Great. I was so worried for him 🥹🥹🥹

  2. Here's something funny (ish) that you may or may not have heard about. In the international side of the BT fan community there is a guy who claims he is Atsushi's identical twin, separated at birth and only reconnected much later. Of course he's supposed to be working on the concerts etc as well so when I heard Atsushi got covid I assumed it was only days until I would eventually hear that he got it as well. And yes, of course that happened.

    On one hand, as someone who's been using the internet for 20 years, I find it hilarious that there are people who believe him. On the other hand, I find it depressing that people like him will not hesitate to take advantage of naive and emotionally vulnerable people. On the third, supernumerary hand, this guy's backstory is so insane that even if it were a Mary Sue/Gary Stu/self insert fanfiction I would still think "calm down child...".

    1. I've met my fair share of wild storytellers over my 17 years of Buck-Tick blogging... but that does indeed sound like a very funny story, and I love funny stories... please drop me a line and share! I don't spend any time on fan communities, especially lately, but I do love a good crazy story. However, for all the people out there who believe rumors like this, I'll say that it's vanishingly unlikely that if Sakurai had a secret identical twin (which he completely denies having - he has one older brother and no other siblings) - the chances of that identical twin posting on English-language Buck-Tick fan communities are zilch. The guy claiming that he got Covid at the same time Atsushi did is a very easy lie to tell. How did they get separated, anyway? Sakurai hails from a working-class family in bumfuck nowhere, Gunma Prefecture, in the 1960's. No Japanese mother in that setting would have sold one twin and kept the other. Nope, sorry kids, but dream on if it makes you happy.

  3. Cayce are you still able to book buck tick tickets? can you please check your email or provide an update


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