Jesus a Go Go

Talking to various fans over the years, I've realized that no one knows what Sakurai says in the chorus to "Misty Blue," at 1:42, 1:56, 3:26, and 3:40, respectively. It's clear he's saying something in English and not pronouncing it well, but whatever it is isn't written in the lyric booklet. I started Not Greatest Site to help the non-Japanese fans understand what Buck-Tick (especially the lyrics) are all about, but in recent years I've gotten hits from Japanese fans as well, all of them looking for those elusive lyrics that show up on the recording but not in the album liner.

Since I speak English, they often ask me.

"Hey, do you know what Sakurai's chanting in the chorus of 'Thanatos'?"

"What the hell is he saying in 'Misty Blue'?"

And sometimes, "Why are you laughing so much at the words to 'Empty Girl'?"

Sadly, I wasn't able to give a satisfactory answer to the last question to fans who couldn't speak English. But in "Thanatos," the consensus is that Sakurai's chanting "Let's go let's go let's go/Let's fly let's fly let's fly." The lyrics to "Misty Blue" are harder to puzzle out. Most fans I've talked to, Japanese or not, seem to think Sakurai is singing "ohh Jesus Christ...dare mo inai."

Some of the foreign fans have applauded Sakurai's embracing of Jesus as his personal savior (somehow I'm doubting that's the real story). The Japanese fans have just been confused, asking, "What does Jesus Christ have to do with pelvic thrusts and poruno graphs?" Imai has an answer for that one in the lyrics to "Tenshi wa Dare da," but as it turns out, Jesus is in fact nowhere to be found in the blue mist.

When I finally got my hands on the Aku no Hana band score, I was delighted to discover that the missing lyrics were actually written in the sheet music. No Jesus. Turns out what Sakurai's actually singing is "ohh (she just goes) dare mo inai"...etc. Could have fooled me. But we can't blame him too badly...as any of you out there who may be studying Japanese, or speak English (and read this blog) as a second language may attest, learning new languages is a difficult and time-consuming business.

Lyrics: Sakurai Atsushi
Music: Imai Hisashi
Album: Aku no Hana (The Flowers of Evil)
1990.02.01 Victor

MISTY BLUE, seductively caressing
MISTY BLUE, everything at your fingertips

Let’s dance oh ~ tangled together
It’s like a paradiso oh ~ when I look at you

Just in blue, I want to feel it1
Just in blue, the world in these thrusts

Let’s dance oh ~ flowing past us
It’s like Poruno graph oh ~ while we can't move

(La~) Romance beneath your fingernails
Oh~ (She just goes) It disappeared so soon
(La~) In the night I go mad with love, but
Oh~ (She just goes) There’s no one there

MISTY BLUE Do you remember our last dance?
MISTY BLUE Do you remember our “shadow dance?”

Let’s dance oh~ Do you believe me?
It’s like paradiso oh~ Do you believe me?

(La~) Romance beneath your fingernails
Oh~ (She just goes) It disappeared so soon
(La~) In the night I go mad with love, but
Oh~ (She just goes) There’s no one there
(La~) Romance beneath your fingernails
Oh~ (She just goes) It disappeared so soon
(La~) In the night I go mad with love, but
Oh~ (She just goes) There’s no one there

Romance so gentle, at the tips of your fingers
When you hold me, I know it's an illusion
That we'll be like this forever
And soon it disappeared

Mad with love, it cuts my heart
When I despair, I know it's an illusion
Us like this, might as well be a dream
And there's no one there

Translation by Cayce, please link me & credit me if you repost.


  1. Thanks! The bands early use of English always cracked me up a bit, it's interesting to know what he actually said! It makes me love the song even more...I haven't listened to it in a while though, this gives me a reason!

  2. Thank you very much! I love Misty Blue and i've always wondered what he was saying, it sounded like Jesus to me.

  3. Oh wow! This is wonderful. Thank you for the update on the lyrics. I assumed it was Jesus Christ as well, but for the of me just thought he was exclaiming like... goddammit or something. XDDD

    she just goes. hmm. oh acchan <3

    Thanks again!

  4. Oh Jesus! I always sing it "Oh Jesus Christ" thinking it was like ff120 said...like a goddammit or something :P
    Acchan's english can be a little confusing sometimes but it's sooo cute ^////^

    Thanks a lot for making it clear! <3

  5. Off subject, but how well does Buck-Tick's albums and singles do? There's plenty of info about pop singers, but is there any way of finding out? Do any chart in the top 10? I have always wondered...

  6. Hello! I remembered I have some official scores with lyrics including Misty Blue with the english parts. Here is link in case you want to check them ^^


  7. He sings 'jesus christ' in performances of misty blue. Watch his lips and listen ^__^ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxtyGzw6B7M

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  9. Hey guys, check out how Blog-Tick got spammed by an evangelical spammer! Isn't the internet fun?

  10. I always thought it was "Jesus Christ" used as a profanity - like when you hit you thumb with a hammer!:)
    Thanks for clearing this up for me


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