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This will probably come across as hypocritcal, considering my last few posts, but I'm really not a fan of lists of rankings. They can be fun to make and fun to read, but ultimately, I think they're pretty shallow, especially when you get to ones like "the top ten best visual rock albums of all time" or "the top ten weirdest outfits Imai has ever worn" or "the top ten male j-rockers who are also screaming Sakurai fanboys"...wait, the last two sound like lists I want to make!

But anyway, you asked for it. What are Cayce's personal favorite Buck-Tick songs? What are Cayce's picks for the top five best Buck-Tick albums? Okay, here goes. In alphabetical order, because I couldn't possibly choose a number one favorite.

Cayce's Top 25 Favorite B-T Songs (more or less)

Ao no Sekai
Asylum Garden
Death wish
Darker Than Darkness
Kirameki no Naka de
Kiss Me Good-Bye
La Vie en Rose
Lullaby III
Motel 13
My Funny Valentine
Nocturne Rain Song
Sasayaki (the Sweet Strange Live Disc version)
Shanikusai -Carnival-
Victims of Love (the Climax Together live album version)

Cayce's Top Five Favorite B-T Albums

Climax Together Live Album (bet you didn't see that coming!)
Darker Than Darkness (but you saw that coming from a mile away!)
Memento Mori
One Life, One Death
Sexy Stream Liner

Damn, that's six albums. And I didn't even have room for Mona Lisa Overdrive, which is a sin. But, really. Lists are stupid.


  1. Haha, I sense you avoided the most popular ones on purpose. Tehe.

    I'm curious as to why you liked them the most--like lyric wise, musical composition, voice etc?

    ...and Climax Together Live album is win. Something about that album brings forward so many emotions and feelings. That album has brought more tears to my eyes than any other album. Yes, tears. Because I'm occasionally lame like that.

  2. I love just about all Buck-Tick songs but general popularity aside, these are my genuine top 25 favorites. I would say it's the perfect alchemical combination of the melody, instrumentals, vocals, and lyrics all as one. I like the Climax Together and Sweet Strange live albums because I feel the live sound is more immediate and powerful. Also I love the rewritten riff in the Sweet Strange version of Sasayaki, and that long instrumental section in Victims of Love where Imai plays the melody from "Sakura."

  3. I'm curious if you would substitute any of the tracks now that two more albums are out (: I'd put my money on Yasou, am I right?


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