Buck-Tick Bus, Part 2

The Buck-Tick bus makes a slick pass through Shibuya's Scramble Crossing on Tuesday evening. In its quest to Razzle Dazzle all of Tokyo, it moves fast and it doesn't stop to pose for photos! It's all the paparazzi from the Blog-Tick Phenomenon can do to run after it and try to get a scoop!

Aaaaand the Razzle Dazzle corner in Tower Records, as the bus passes by the windows outside. Complete with headphones to listen to samples on, and a video of Hide, being too embarrassed to talk about the album:

Photos by Cayce.


  1. I actually have mixed feelings about the album. To me, its definitely not the best one I. have listened so far. About the singles:

    Most remixed singles are worse than the original version. Yougetsu was a great song, but they just destroyed it with random synthesizer noice. To be honest, i fits the sound of the album better, but that doesnt mean its better then the original single. It just sound weird and out of place. The new rhythm is also weird.

    Kuchizuke is even worse. The synthesizers dont even match up with the style of the song and are out of sync. I do like the rougher drum though.

    Dokudanjo beauty is great. The new solo is fine, and i like the overal sound. One thing though; that horrible voice in the chorus. Worst decision ever.

  2. i want to lick that bus

  3. /) I second the motion
    <---------------runs behind the bus to lick it XD


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