Happy Birthdays and stuff...

Happy birthday and stuff, to Mr. Sakurai.

Raise your hands if you wish it was you eating that cake instead of him.

Raise your hands if he's at least twice your age now.

Raise your hands if you wish Blog-Tick were a macros blog instead of serious journalism.


  1. Happy Birthday to Atsushi! (and stuff)

    Can keep my hand down on the first one, because I'm eating a cake right now.

    *raises hand for second one*

    Have to keep my hand down for the last one, too, though macros can be amusing at times.

  2. -raises hand- He's twice my age +6 !!! :D
    Happy birthday to Atsushi Sakurai!!

  3. You know, I had to read that second sentence again because for a minute there I thought you were asking something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. Your previous blog pist has obviously warped my mind.

    BUT ANYWAY. MAYBE I would eat that cake. If I knew where it had been prior to being wheeled out on stage that is. Because well.... BOYS AND ROCK N' ROLL...

    I only wish I could raise my hand to the second one but sadly that is true only in my mind, which prefers not to think about the fact that the body says different.

    And eh, I like Blog-Tick just fine as it is. Though I would certainly be interested in your choice of captions for this particular sequence :))

  4. 1) I'm full for now, but would eat that later /o/

    2) He's more than twice my age, (I'm 21) but still \o\

    3) Can we have both? \o/

  5. Happy birthday!!!

  6. Otanjoubi!!!
    Happy Birthday >^.^< Sakuraisan!
    Cayce - you are the best! Thank you!
    + 2 hands for the cake^^
    (No more hands left to vote for another option^^)

  7. Well now that I know all I need to do to get loads of comments is post about cake and Acchan, I suppose I *should* make this a macros blog...just kidding, I haven't got the time for that.

    @ Mawb - Thank you for misreading it the way I hoped everyone would.

  8. The misreading was intentional? Oh, Cayce, you're terrible. Terrible I say!

    And there was me thinking my mind was in the gutter...

  9. Just Acchan eating would probably do it :)

    And you're very welcome. Dirty minds think alike.


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