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From Kanemitsu Hirofumi's article in the latest issue of Ongaku to Hito (released today!) we have learned the following:

The de-facto theme of the new single is Buck-Tick's 25th anniversary, much as the de-facto theme of Rendezvous was their 20th annivesary.

The lyrics and music to "Eriize no tame ni" were written by Imai, and "Yumemiru Uchuu" has music by Imai and lyrics by Sakurai, so I was right on three out of four predictions for the writing credits this time around.

Mr. Kanemitsu (who has know Buck-Tick a long time) describes "Eriize" as "nineties electronic rock with a simple band sound." He goes on to say that the simplicity and straightforwardness of the arrangement could have so easily devolved into something trite and overdone in the hands of another artist, but Imai proves the flawlessness of his artistic sense once more by stopping just one step short of going too far, resulting in a perfect balance. In the lyrics, the line "We loved, we were lonely too/But that's not what you and I were after" hint at something much deeper than the saccharine platitudes delivered by most popular Japanese musicians these days.

"Yumemiru Uchuu" is also described as a simple song, with simple words: "For an instant, or for forever/Will we go back? Never/Dance with me." It could be a love song for Buck-Tick's fanbase, many of whom have loved the band for 25 whole years now.

The third track is a self-cover of "SANE," which reportedly comes across a lot darker than the original version. I get a feeling we got a taste of this new version on the Razzle Dazzle tour, but this looks exciting.

And which bands will be appearing on Buck-Tick's new tribute album and at the next Parade festival? Mr. Kanemitsu can't tell us yet but he claims that he wishes he could...it's that good! Suffice to say they're bands from diverse genres, but they all love Buck-Tick.

Is Soil & "Pimp" Sessions one of them? That remains to be seen. But it appears that Mr. Soil and Mr. Pimp brought their jazzy horns into Imai's studio yesterday. To what effect, we can only speculate, but Imai says it's a "killer tune." I've gotta say, I love me a good horn section. Bead and feather 'em, baby.

Will the Dead Weather also be on Buck-Tick's tribute album? I suppose not, but in the meantime I'm going to have a glass of Jack Daniels while imagining what Allison Mosshart would sound like singing "Motel 13." As Tower Records and Suntory Whiskey so astutely pointed out in their joint ad campaign, "No Music, No Whiskey."

Which artists would you guys like to hear cover which Buck-Tick songs? I'll award cookie points to creative ideas.


  1. Wow, thank you so much for this! My excitement has multiplied!
    I want ISSAY to cover them. HE MUST.
    I'd also love Shiina Ringo and Nakajima Miyuki(pretty plz ;w;)<3
    And of course...(although it'll never happen) Yamamoto Linda.


  2. @ Flora - Issay's name isn't spelled in all caps, you know. It's only ever written that way because he can't speak English worth a damn. Yamamoto Linda would never happen, but if it did it would be glorious.

  3. Aw, really? *world crumbles* |DD Lol, thanks for the info!^^ It would be, wouldn't it? Just imagine all the fanboying on Acchan's part! |DD
    Morrie would be cool too.


  4. I dont know what to think about the two new songs. Simple straight forward band sound? Not the most inspiring genre to me. I hope it still has that dark and elegant B-T atmosphere and isnt going to be straight plain rock. Sane sounds good. A darker approach? Sounds exciting.

  5. Thanks so much for the translation! Must stay tuned on nico on next Saturday!! ^^

    Really wanna see DEAD END on the tribute list~ And, wonder that the bands/guests, who participated on last Parade, will join this time.

  6. *drools*
    I don't know why, but I have butterflies in my tummy while thinking about the coming album.
    Following your advice I got too far dreaming of Metallica to cover The Nightmare probably with the symphonic orchestra on the background.. That could be epic to some certain extent..


  7. @ Angeltears - you haven't even heard the songs yet so put down that glass of haterade.

    @ Michelle - Yeah Dead End would be awesome. Personally I really hope Tsuchiya Masami participates again, I can't get enough of him.

    @ Mizu - I think a Metallica cover of Muma with symphonic backup would be far better than the original song.

  8. I, for one, think the discription "nineties electronic rock" sounds very promising. As a fan of B-T's electronica and more simple, straight-forward rock (read: Mona Lisa and Memento Mori), I keep my fingers crossed for more of that in the future.

    Oh, and, Angel Tears? I doubt you have much to worry about. Judging by the cover art, I think at least some amount of elegant darkness is to be expected from this single.

  9. Call me crazy, but I'd love to see what SUGIZO would do with a B-T track if left to mix it into his more trancey/dancey solo style. He's clearly a fan, so I would be intrigued. As for a track... I dunno - how about Sasayaki? :)

    My love for HOTEI's cover of hide's Rocket Dive also makes me wonder what he'd do with a B-T tribute too (maybe Physical Neurose or similar). And then again, I wonder how a B-T song would sound if sung by Tusk in one of his more melodic moments (Kiss Me Goodbye, anyone?).

    But with a sensible head on, I guess I wonder if this time we might see a mix of brand new and older bands taking part.... Though that entirely depends on the plans for Lingua Sounda and whether they intend to use the label only for their own work, or to promote new talent as hide started to do with LemonED.


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