Too Much Buck-Tick News!

This week has brought us just about too much Buck-Tick news to post about on Blog-Tick!  But since the numerous magazine and radio appearances are fairly explicit on the Buck-Tick homepage even to people who don't speak much Japanese, I'm going to just let y'all go check that small news for yourselves, so I can focus on the BIG news, which is: Buck-Tick has announced the track list for their first tribute album, as well as the guests for the Parade Tour 2012, who will also all be performing at the Festival Tick-Buck Parade On 2012.  And for those of you who got interested in Buck-Tick because you were/are visual kei fangirls, rejoice and throw your hats in the air, because this guest list reads like Visual Kei's last cry of "I'm not dead yet!" as time drags it off to the black plague corpse cart.

First, we have D'ERLANGER!  One of the first visual kei bands ever, and we thought they were gone for good but it turns out they're BACK!  D'ERLANGER is not dead yet!  They'll be playing with Buck-Tick on July 7th at Zepp GundamCity Tokyo, and they'll be covering "Iconoclasm," just like J did last time.  Get a new idea guys.

Next, we have Cali-Gari!  Admit it, you really, REALLY thought that Cali-Gari, as a band, was dead forever...splat, kaput, just like maguro on the train tracks!  But no!   And on June 17th at Zepp Sendai you can see the Sakurai cousins onstage together for the first time ever (fun fact, Sakurai Ao is Sakurai Atsushi's cousin.  Really.  They have the same name and everything.)  Cali-Gari will also be covering "Misty Zone" for the tribute album...which I warrant can only be a good thing.

Visual kei artists who haven't yet become zombie bands include Merry and Mucc, who will doubtless be fanboying themselves out of their trousers, seeing as some of their members were at one point also members of a Buck-Tick copyband.  If you want to see Mucc, go to Zepp Fukuoka on June 24th, and if you want to see Merry, hit Zepp Nagoya on June 30th.  But even if you can't make it, you will still be able to listen to Merry's cover of "Aku no Hana" and Mucc's cover of "Jupiter."  I am currently taking bets on whether you think Tatsurou can beat Takanori at taking a formerly subdued Hide ballad and blowing it up into a big, huge, emo, screamo epic of Acchan-sensei fanboy homage.

Non-visual artists on the lineup include shameless American late-90's nu-metal imitators Pay Money to My Pain (July 6th at Zepp Gundam, covering "love letter"...because they are waaay too cool to sing songs with lyrics in Japanese), that rascal drinking buddy of Sakurai's DJ OZMA and his band Kishidan (covering "Machine," and playing on June 26th at Namba Hatch, where else?), and The Lowbrows (July 4th at Yokohama Blitz, and as an electronic unit, they're not doing a cover, they're remixing "For Elise.")

Other covers on the tribute album include Nshukugawa BOYS with "Empty Girl," AA= with "Mad," Polysics with "Sid Vicious on the Beach," and BREAKERZ with "Just One More Kiss"...I'm not even going to bother taking bets on whether you think this will top Kiyoharu's version, because I already know it doesn't stand a chance.  Will these artists also be playing at the Parade Festival?  It remains to be seen.  But if Pay Money to My Pain was only installed because Dir en grey had to decline due to Kyo having flayed his voice to within an inch of his life...well, then visual kei just may be dead after all.


  1. OMG!! B-T vs D'ERLANGER!!!! Can't wait to see them playing onstage together!!

    I love J's cover so much! But I think D'ERLANGER will do a great job on ICONOCLASM too!

  2. I'm SO, SO excited about D'ERLANGER, MUCC, Merry, Cali-Gari, acid android, POLYSICS and Acid Black Cherry!
    kyo and Sakurai on the same stage jkdff;ljgklf /dies
    And I've been waiting for MUCC and Merry to cover them since I learned their B-T fanboyism is over 9000. Yay for the mess that is Bluck-Tlick!\0/

    Is Ao really Sakurai's cousin? Oo I had no idea.

  3. @Anonymous - Bluck-Tlick was actually a name that Buck-Tick themselves used, so they could hide the fact that they were playing a secret show at Shinjuku Loft, which was too small a venue to contain their popularity. The fans found out anyway and the place was packed. Mucc and Merry's Buck-Tick copyband was named Bluck-Tlick in honor of that. That's how deep their fandom goes. And Ao Sakurai is Atsushi's cousin, and everything you read on the internet is true.

  4. @Cayce, oh I know about Bluck-Tlick :3 And lmao, I was so waiting for a reply like this! |DD <3

  5. Wow, D'erlanger. Just wow. In a good way. Not a band I would have sought out but seeing them as a bonus is pretty damn cool. I'll even forgive them covering Iconoclasm AGAIN, since it's one of my enduring B-T faves.

    I don't know the Lowbrows or PMTMP at all, but the former in particular sound interesting (I'm not so much on the metal side of things, but electro I am rather fond of.)

  6. I read your translation of these two songs, and I must say....

    You are a master translator.

    Thank you very much.



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