Perfect Day Elise

Modest display on the second floor of Tower Records Shibuya, because I guess the ground floor is now reserved for AKB48 (though My Bloody Valentine was there too.)

Accurate lyric translations coming soon.

Also, if you were that young guy in the black leather jacket and biker boots buying all the Buck-Tick limited editions, including the special boxes, I saw you waiting in line behind all the people buying AKB48 crap, and I have your number.


  1. Damn, you found me. Cannot wait to find out how the other 2 songs are.

  2. Wow! Kinda envy you!
    I have booked all single and DVD via amazon and HMV and now waiting for them arriving :)
    (outside Japan of course *cry*)

    Did I tell you I'm your blog's fan? Hahaha
    Anyway, hope to see you at BUCK-TICK FEST XDDDDDD

  3. I love you.
    Can't wait for translations!


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