Parade Festival Live Report

My live report of Day One of the Parade Festival is up over at Not Greatest Site, so go check it out!  Feel free to post comments here, as it seems that the Googlesites commenting module doesn't actually work.  Either that or I'm just not tech-savvy enough to have set it up correctly.  But...fuck that.  Technology is a sad, second-rate substitute for talent!  In any case, sorry this was so long in coming.  Day Two will be up soon, with Yumemiru Uchuu live reports to follow eventually.  I know you all think I must be some sort of text-generating machine, but the fact is, writing 20 page articles is a lot of work, and sometimes I get tired.


  1. I like how you left "kawaii" untranslated in your transcription of the Breakerz MC speech. Really got the obnoxiousness across perfectly.

    And just to clarify, was Kent just doing back-up vocals for Acid Android, or did Yukihiro not sing at all? If its the latter, do you know why they went with that arrangement, since I know he's usually sings live?

  2. @ Lawrence - "obnoxious" isn't quite the right word, I don't think. And unfortunately I was too far away from the stage during Acid Android's set to see who was singing.

  3. Thank you for the report! =)
    No toilets is not good! --> Less pleasure for more than half an hour! You should have said that somewhere, maybe they would have given you back some of your money xP

    We were waiting patiently and you are not a text-generating machine!


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