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Blog-Tick is not a discussion forum.

Because under the normal order of things, we frankly don't care what you think, except insofar as it can be wittily mocked...am I right? (No no just kidding, we love all lets enjoy please come on yeah!!)

But, it's been a little quiet on here lately, so I've decided to start a discussion thread for once.

In the name of understanding my readership better, I invite you to share your personal stories, on two topics:

1) If you were not introduced to Buck-Tick through "Dress," how did you discover the band?  What year was it when you first heard a Buck-Tick song, and what song was it?  How old were you then, and how old are you now?

2) If your favorite band member is not Acchan-chan, who is your favorite band member, and why?

Please be concise.  Brevity is the soul of wit.  No more than five sentences, unless you have a really funny story to tell.  

If you were introduced to Buck-Tick through "Dress," and your favorite member is Acchan-chan-sama-chan, post a comment containing nothing but the words "you got me."





  1. 1. you got me not
    2. 1) Dress 2) Imai-san
    skip a 3 and 4
    5. - for Japanese babies! :-p

  2. read a review for 13kai wa gekkou one time and that is where my obsession with Imai started

  3. While I guess I found out about the band through "Dress", the thing that really got me to look into them was Schaft.
    I realized "Hey, this Imai guy is from the same band that did 'Dress'... maybe I should give them another shot. What were they called again? Butt-Tick?"
    I wanna say this was when I was around 15, and I'm 23 now.

    As for who my favorite is, I would say Imai is my favorite from a musical standpoint, and U-Ta is my favorite from a "OMG LOOK AT HIM HE'S ADORABLE!!!" standpoint.

  4. 1) My first BUCK-TICK song was most probably "Speed" (PV included). It was somewhere in 2008 (I was 18-19 yrs old and now I'm 23) and funnily enough it was somehow recommended to me on Youtube because I was watching something with KAT-TUN (I know, big jump from boybands to BUCK-TICK).

    2) I can't decide on who I like the best. I'm like that.

  5. I was browsing a blog called Gorgeous Long Haired Men, and there was guess who :) I went to Youtube to check their music, and it was soooooo good! ^.^ My first songs were Kiss Me Good-Bye and Speed from Climax Together.

  6. You got me
    Hide-san...love all his songs
    Imai-san is a genius
    Muma The Nightmare got me hooked
    BiTch tatt on my boob :D

  7. @ Nimloth - A wise answer!

    @ Ekaterina Trayt - I'm sure Toll would be pleased and surprised to know he was on a gorgeous long-haired men blog!

    @ Crazycatslady - If you ever feel like sharing a photo of your tattoo, we'll post it.

  8. 1) My first song was Gessekai, I was probably around 15 years old. From there I listened to 13kai wa Gekkou, Six/Nine, and Kyokutou I Love You. I'm 22 now.

    2)You got me there, though Imai is pretty damn close to overtaking him. He's just so odd and the "I don't give a shit" face he makes sometimes is so hard not to laugh at.

  9. 1) I was introduced to the band in a really weird way. I am a huge fan of the manga artist Kaori Yuki, (author of works like angel sanctuary, count cain) and I bought a doujinshi she wrote called 'Die'. I found out that it was based on Buck tick and one of their songs. Curious, I looked them up. After playing their stuff on repeat for 3 hours I realised I was completed obsessed. I was 14 then, 24 now ;)

    2) You got me ;P

  10. 1) Dress introduced me to the band, but it wasn't the song that got me into this whole addiction. It was DIABOLO that got me into the band, when I bought a Death Note with a tribute CD for my injured older sister, back when I was 16 (add 1825 days for my present age). But then I freaked out when I saw their band photo (all the glaring and Toll's hair just scared me? lol, but mostly it was Toll's hair) and did not follow through. I rediscovered them 6 years after and I'm damned for life...

    2) I can't decide who my fave would be: Sakurai or Imai or U-ta (he makes it even harder for me to choose). For Sakurai, it would be because I love his voice. Well for Imai, I like his "weirdness" and his music composing ability. As for U-ta, he's just so adorable for a middle-aged man. o.o

  11. 1) I was introduced to B-T through Kaori Yuki's one-shot, "die" And yes, "die" is my first B-T song. I was 21, now I'm 24 :)

    2) You got me *goes hide*

  12. @ torment2romance and Syn Kuroi Yasou - You have negated one another's originality! If this were Jerry Springer I would have you fight each other (just kidding.)

  13. 1) Through Nightwalker, back in… 2005 or 2006. Though it wasn’t until recently I realized they were my favorite band. I’m 26 years old now.

    2) I don’t have a favorite member, but I have to say, if it wasn’t for Sakurai’s voice I would have never bothered with them. Although I watched some anime, I didn’t really like the way Japanese language sounded to my ears and I disliked most anime openings. That is until I listened to Gessekai.

    Btw, thank you so much for you hard-work, I love your blog. Sorry for never leaving a comment before >.< I’m a bit shy.

  14. I was hooked via last.fm - my new supermatched friend BT was huge fan of some unknown for me band:) I checked YouTube, got stunned (WTF is that - early BT:),but I keep researching and got addicted.. first I liked Illusion, Coyote, but I think the trigger was Iconoclasm :) I love Imai , he's mad genius:)

  15. I first heard the nightmare when I was 14(in an AMV) , but did not actually check the band out until I was 16.And when I did it was the song Dokudanjou Beauty. Now I'm almost 18 :)

  16. I found the band in 2007 by accident, roving around on youtube. The four degrees of separation were Kate Bush ("And Dream of Sheep") > Happy Rhodes ("And Dream of Sheep" cover) > Happy Rhodes ("Space Oddity" cover) > David Bowie ("Space Oddity") > Sakurai Atsushi ("Space Oddity" cover). My thought's at that moment? "Hey that's a pretty interesting cover, and well now, he's kinda hot! > then....why does youtube keep showing me this band with this weird ass name? Oh wait! It's him! Heyyyyy, they're GOOOOD! :)

    42 then, 48 now. I was about to move to Japan in the early 90's, (when I was young and they were likewise young), but I chickened out at the very last minute. I think of all the up-close squee-ing I could have done.

    But hurray for youtube, for you and others to help me figure out the backlog. I really am grateful to you, Cayce. You have no idea....

    I truly love ALL, but my favourite member is indeed "Acchan-chan-sama-chan!" :) But I was not introduced by "Dress," so you only HALF got me!

    (BTW, if I had been eating soup when I read your post I'da snorted it out my nose!)

    Hoping this is not too long and that I don't get gonged off the show! But oh well, if I do, sayounara to the white powder on your moon face. I wanna suck on your BiTch tits!

    ~~~ (subetenonaifu)

  17. BTW Cayce, how did YOU discover them?

  18. @ hipsipile - This is the internet, not real life! What is shy? There is no shy!

    @ subetenonaifu - Believe it or not, you're not the only person who found them through Sakurai's cover of Space Oddity! But it does seem to be a rather unorthodox path to fandom. And, thank you for the love, I really do appreciate it.

    How did I discover them? Back in the Dark Ages when there was no YouTube, I found a spread on them in an actual hard copy of Fool's Mate magazine that I bought at a store (this was not in Japan.) Shortly thereafter a friend gave me a copy of Sexy Stream Liner and I was persuaded.

  19. Oh my god, what an impact!
    I wonder where you got that ingenious idea from ;D
    What a surprise, you got me. Sorry I can´t offer an adventurous story^^...
    I was 14 and now I´m gonna be 16
    And if it was not Maoo-sama, it would be the Higuchi brothers. But still, what a shame so few people mentioned Hide and Yagami, Toll is funny and the legendar hairstyle- maintainer and Hide is just nonchalantly cool!...
    And I´d like to thank you very much for all what you do for us, too! Keep it up! :)

  20. 1. 'twas dress, 5 years ago (I was watching the anime at the time) obsessed over it a while and moved on. 3 years ago for Christmas browsing through youtube I stumbled over other songs and got really hooked :) for good I think. (25 right now)

    2. 1st BT crush was Hide (I know, blasphemy for Acchan fangirls)but more into Imai these days, because of his funky lyrics :) :)

  21. @ Juli - Don't called him "Maou-sama". Please, don't.

    @ delana - Perhaps you hadn't noticed, but the point of this post was to share minority viewpoints. Including crushes on Hide. Oh wait, I forgot, everyone has a crush on Hide!

  22. @Cayce A crush on Hide is somewhat a default? lol

  23. 1) It's not a funny story but I think it's quite an adventure.
    Autumn 2005 I was linked to a crappy AMV with Gessekai bgm. After this my pc's sound card got obliterated so I used p2p to pick up songs with cool sounding names and desperately burned them into a CD. After this I hoarded second hand CD's from Third Stage(I didn't have access to paypal and sending cash to japan was a trial of it's own).
    I was 14 at the time, now I'm turning 22.
    I love that self burned CD to pieces, dem memories.

    2) Imai because he dances funny.

  24. Gessekai from Nightwalker was first, maybe 5years ago, but all I did was look at the name (Buck Tick? Wtf?) and then I heard Dress on Trinity Blood, and thought, "hey, that's the same weird name from Nightwalker. Two cool songs, great voice, might be worth checking out. Maybe there's something on YouTube...dee dee dee... OH MY FREAKING GOD, they're so CUTE!! What else is on here? Holy rusty metal, Batman! Lookit all this!" And I've got a weakness for singers, so...but Hide is awful cute too. And Uta. And Toll. And Imai has a certain surly charm... As for age, let's just say I'm a lot closer to their age than most of the people posting here. And thank you SO MUCH for doing these sites, Cayce. :-) Unrelated note, you once mentioned doing a post on using suffixes when speaking of someone else. I'm writing a trio of (mumble mumble) romance novels (mumble mumble) set in Tokyo, which are no doubt chock full of errors, but I've been kinda hoping you'd be inspired to write that post sometime and keep me from making those mistakes, at least... (suffixes, I mean honorifics. iPad won't let me fix typos.)

  25. @ Mimi - You didn't know that Hoshino Hidehiko is the most sexually sought-after man in all of Japan?

    @ emi - Third Stage, those were the days! I'm sorry that store has gone out of business. On a separate note, in the possessive form "its" has no apostrophe. The site may not be the greatest but I insist that the grammar be perfect.

    @ Anynomous - The vocalist of B-T-K once went by this name. Ironically, of course. Because he's a j-rock hipster.

    @ Anynomous - I'm counting thirteen sentences in that response, which is eight sentences more than I asked for :P

    And all you were allowed to write for this was "You got me," on both counts, with a slight addendum on Nightwalker and Hide :P

    If you have specific questions about name suffixes, send me an email. If I think the subject is of general interest I might make it into an article.

  26. 1) The first song I ever heard was actually "Romance", through their amazing video! As for my age, it's only been a few years so there's not much of a difference.

    2) What are the qualifications for choosing a favorite? I like all of them, in their own ways.

  27. @Cayce Oh, I must have been so forgetful/ignorant not to know Hide is the most sexually sought-after man in all of Japan. I remember, Imai also agreed on that.

    lol I'm putting Toll on the gorgeous long-haired men list also. ^^

    Thanks, Cayce for all your work. You always make my day. :D

  28. :hangdog:
    Verbose Anon

  29. My first BT song was Romance. That was in winter 2010 and I was immediately obsessed! However, I really can't remember how I got to listen to it XD I guess I just clicked on some random video on YouTube...I was 20 at the time and now I'm almost 23.
    My favorite member is Atsushi (not very original, I know) because I really really really love his voice.

  30. I found them through Kuchizuke when I watched the anime for Shiki. From there, I went to Kagerou and that got me hooked immediately. I listen to many of their older songs (I like those better than the new song). I was around 12 when I discovered them and now I'm 15~

  31. 1. A good friend with a massive (at the time) Acchan crush kept trying to show me clips of the band. I resisted, so she decided to up the ante by burning me a mix cd with two of their songs on it. One was Bran-New Lover. That was in early 2006. I was 29 and am 35 now.

    2. You got me on this one. But I do like Toll an awful lot too.

  32. @ Anonymous 1 - You know Blog-Tick=tough love

    @ Anonymous 2 - Wow 2010 you're late to the Romance Game eh!

    @ Anonymous 3 - Ah the fabled "Kuchizuke Generation," and I was prepared to bet you didn't exist and then you made your existence known...

    @ Steph - I read this post quickly and all I can think of is Bauhaus's record Burning From the Inside. Bran-New Lover, you're the only one besides Pete Burns who chose that one, good on you.

  33. I heard Kagerou on an anime ending, noticed that it was the same voice as another anime opening (Dress). Good songs in completely different styles, I just had to investigate that group. That was 5 years ago, I am now 45.

    I like all members but have a little foundness for "Aniki" Yagami Toll.

  34. I listened to Angelfish when someone posted it in a forum and fell in love. That was 5 years ago and now I'm 23.
    Although I do believe that words could never be near enough to describe how bewitching Sakurai is, I can't pick a favorite member; I love them all so much.

  35. 1) I feel like I brushed up against Buck-Tick a few times before we actually "met" but the first thing that piqued my musical interest was something which I now am quite sure was from Six/Nine, via a friend on the Interwebs. I'd like to say it was Mienai Mono because I love that song to bits, but then I'd be pretending I have a better memory than I do. I guess that was in the late '90s. Later, when the Internet had evolved and so had my Internet connection, I used to poke around YouTube and the Net in general for new music. So I ended up finding some of their stuff and joining the dots. And they just grew on me from there. So let's say I was in my mid-thirties when I knowingly found them and am in my mid-forties now. I honestly can't name a particular song that was a hook, but that's not unusual for me.
    2) Really, I kind of like them all, but if I had to pick a favourite it would be Mr Imai, because I always have a soft spot for the oddballs, and I want him for his record collection.

  36. @ Anonymous - You found the single word that can describe how bewitching Sakurai is: "bewitching."

  37. 1) I found an unnamed .wmv file on livejournal when I was maybe 12? It was a terrible rip that cut off half way through, but I fell in love. I didn't find out that the song was "Kodou" for about a year. I'm 20 now.
    2) You got me with Acchan, but Imai was my favorite when I was younger. Sakurai ended up winning me over with our shared affection cats and wine as I grew older.

  38. @ Liana - Ah yes, the ripe, ripe old age of 20. Definitely too old to be an Imai fan.

  39. i use to like Sakurai-san, and was called an Acchan-freak@.@
    but i'm more to Hide nowadays :)
    (all of them were awesome though)
    they inspired me a LOT in my drawings^^

    the 1st song i heard was dress, i was 16 and juusankai, Muma The Nightmare was the 1st PV of them i saw, it got me hooked:D
    i'm 19 now and will keep supporting BT :D

  40. @ Anonymous - Hide is the most sexually sought-after man in all of Japan, but there is no Muma the Nightmare PV. Are you sure you're not confusing Buck-Tick with the Cruxshadows?

  41. I discovered Buck-Tick through downloading music of any Japanese band I could find back when I was a weeb. I was 12 at the time, which should make it 2007. Now I'm 17. I'm pretty sure the first song I heard was "...IN HEAVEN...".

    I don't really consider myself a fan as I only like the songs up until 1998 and just a few of them at that. They have made a couple of masterpieces, though.

  42. 1) My friend sent me a link to Kiyoharu and Atsushi singing/butchering Just One More Kiss. I liked Atsushi's voice so decided to look up the original and liked it

    Then I found Romance and my addiction was sealed

    2) Atsushi is my favorite. I love his voice and his lyrics... also how he loves cats. The vocalist is always my favorite though because it's the voice that gets my attention first

    Also - thank you for all your hard work with translating! Especially your long analysis of Yumemiru Uchuu and some of the other songs. I really liked reading through that

  43. @ Deanna - While I'm very glad to hear you enjoy my website...the only thing you were allowed to post for your second answer was "you got me" :P

  44. I was, still am, a fan of XXXholic. They sing the ending "Kagerou" really enjoyed seeing Maru and Moro playing their air guitars! I fell in love with the song and decided to look for the band.

    You got me on the second part. I love Atsushi Sakurai

  45. 1. Gessekai / 2009 / Anime "Nightwalker" (took a while to track down the band name of the ending song). I was 29, now 33. I have not listened to any other band since.

    2. You got me, really!

  46. 1. Nope, not Dress here. Actually my first was Cream Soda. Introduced by those of the JRR.com flashchat. This had to have been around the start of 2008, I was 18. And those kids could not stop singing it once they got started. To this day if you start up with a 'nee nee kimi tte' you will always, always get a reply. I'm 23 now and though it was a slow start, Buck-Tick has officially become my favorite band.

    2. While I do love Atsushi, all the members have special places in my heart, all in completely different ways! Though, you may have got me, I suppose if I had to choose, he'd be my favorite [hard choice though, man].

    Ps. I cannot tell you how thrilled I was the first day I found this site and clicked on the 'gothic belly dancing OMG' link... because that's... my friend Sashi. On a site for Buck-Tick. Completely made my day, week, month, forever. I might've squealed.

    Oh, and yes.. That time you mentioned that Cream Soda had a giant spur in lyric hits? That was probably greatly due to my aforementioned friends... teaching people what in the world they were singing.

  47. Around 2008/2009, I looked them up on youtube (because someone told me they were the Japanese 'The Cure') and the first PV i found was Romance. I was 18 then, 22 now.

    I mean, you can't listen to B-T and not be charmed by Atsushi, but i really have a soft spot for crazy musical geniuses, so...

  48. I'm aware this is an old entry, but I feel like sharing some info, if that's okay. :>

    1.)Must have been Kagerou, and I was about...14, 15 years old? I think I watched xxxholic some time after the second season was wrapped up.
    Then I finally got into BT for real last year, bewitched by the Climax Together Version of Kiss Me Goodbye.

    2.)This is where it gets cliché, because unfortunately my fav member is Acchan-chan-sama-chama. However, all five of them are absolutely amazing and irreplaceable.

  49. ...Nevermind, I thought the "you got me" part would just apply to people both having been introduced by Dress and naming Sakurai as their favourite.


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