Lolita Band Name Generator

Thinking of starting a Lolita Band, but can't manage to come up with a name?  Have no fear, Blog-Tick is here to help you!  Our own patented Lolita Band Name Generator will give you a band name good enough for a pro!  As we've learned already, all Lolita band names consist of a color + flower combo.  So what are we waiting for?  Let's get started.

First, your birth month.

January   -            Russet
February   -          Celadon
March   -              Turquoise
April   -                Chartreuse
May   -                 Periwinkle
June   -                Saffron
July   -                 Carmine
August   -              Ecru
September -         Azure
October   -           Sepia
November -          Filemot
December -          Aubergine


Next, your favorite Buck-Tick album.

Hurry Up Mode   -                  Lobelia
Sexual XXXXX   -                    Hyacinth
Seventh Heaven   -                Tulip
Taboo   -                              Heliotrope
Aku no Hana   -                     Mal Fleur des Ténèbres
Kurutta Taiyou -                    Sunflower
Darker Than Darkness   -        Fleur Noir de L'ombre
Six/Nine   -                          Skunk Cabbage
Cosmos   -                           Cannabis Indica
Sexy Stream Liner   -            Gentian Violet
One Life, One Death   -         Love-Lies-Bleeding
Kyokutou I Love You   -         Delphinium
Mona Lisa Overdrive   -         Fleur Sexy de Seins
Juusankai wa Gekkou   -        Thé de Cerise Blanc
Tenshi no Revolver   -           Alice in Wonderflower
Memento Mori   -                  Chrysanthemum
Razzle Dazzle   -                   Bird of Paradise
Yumemiru Uchuu   -              Apple of Sodom


Put the two together and VOILA, you have your band name!

Now find a friend, grab some violins, put on some frills, and fill the vast cold black night with your squeaky laments.


  1. Favorite Buck-Tick album? (an hour later) Okay, for the sake of experiment, I'll stick with Sepia Skunk Cabbage. Wait, that sounds kind of awesome. Loli-punk, anyone?

  2. Hey! Where's Kurutta Taiyou? I can't survive without knowing the name of my Kurutta Lolita Band!!

    1. That's what I get for writing a post high on math! Obviously the Kurutta Taiyou flower is Sunflower. Duh.

  3. Azure Sunflower...

    Okay, that's a new breed of sunflowers, I guess.

  4. How am I supposed to get a good one with chartreuse?
    That´s clearly a Loli band name fail, no matter what I do :p

    1. A French word is never a Loli band name fail!

  5. How loli on the lolimeter is Russet skunk cabage?
    Of course, I could switch it to ''Russet Thé de Cerise Blanc'' ,however...picking ONE album is hard D:


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