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The following posters are now available from This is NOT Greatest Shopping Service!  All three were offered as bonus features by UV magazine, so they're smaller in size, convenient for posting on the wall of a dorm room, toilet, prison cell, or secret Acchan fan shrine in your closet!  In addition, we have a few other unusual items on offer as well.  Scroll down for details.

13th Floor Poster A

Pullout poster from UV magazine. The poster was originally bound into the magazine, so the right edge is rough, but if this bothers you you can always snip it off. Poster is printed on heavy, good quality cardstock and measures 32 x 46 cm.  There is a minor stain on the back side, which caused a small wrinkle near Hide, but it's nearly invisible except in strong light. Rare and out of print.
1100 yen.


13th Floor Poster B

Double-sided poster from UV magazine features 13th Floor era Buck-Tick on one side and Mucc on the other.  The poster was originally bound into the magazine, so the right edge is rough, but if this bothers you you can always snip it off. Poster is printed on lighter paper than Poster A and contains a few nearly invisible wrinkles, but overall it's in good condition.  It measures 32 x 46 cm. I would recommend framing due to the fragility of the paper. Rare and out of print.
1000 yen.




Sakurai Poster (smexy!)

Large poster from UV magazine features a lovely photo of Mr. Sakurai lying on the ground in a white suit...don't try this at home, kids, or your suit is sure to get dirty! However, as Mr. Sakurai was probably, um, dirty to begin with, methinks it will be perfect for feeding your dirty laundry fantasies. Poster measures 60 x 42 cm. Excellent condition.  The white streak at the bottom of the photo is merely an effect of flash photography and does not exist on the actual poster. Rare and out of print.  A wonderful gift for any fangirl.
2500 yen.


Darker Than Darkness Tour Pamphlet

Very large, hardcover tour pamphlet from the Darker Than Darkness tour contains 40 full-color pages of gorgeous, uber-goth closeup sexy arty glamour shots of the band members, interspersed with uber-goth arty photos of various interesting objects on fire. If you are really goth and into arson, this is the pamphlet for you! If you're really into long-haired Acchan-chan, this is also for you! Unfortunately the binding is broken (too much drooling over Acchan-chan), but aside from that, the book is in great condition - no stains, tears, wrinkles, or scratches. More images available on request. Rare and out of print.
2500 yen.


Tsuchiya Masami - Mori no Hito

1997 solo album from Tsuchiya Masami features Sakurai Atsushi on guest vocals on two tracks, "Manatsu no Yoru no Mori," ("A Midsummer Night's Forest") and "Goblin Forest."  Beyond Sakurai's guest vocals, this is a beautiful album in general, full of mysterious, soothing tracks, including vocals and instrumentals, and incorporating many forest sounds like birdcalls and crickets...great to listen to for relaxation and very possibly one of Cayce's top ten favorite records ever!  Conceived as a concept album against environmental destruction, the case and booklet were printed on recycled paper. The album was recorded in London and released by Cross Records, Sugizo's label. Song samples available on request. Incredibly rare and out of print. Excellent condition.
4500 yen.


All inquiries about purchases should be made to themadaristocrat at gmail.

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