The Starman Returns to the Stars


Like I said, folks.

David Bowie is not dead.

He came from the stars, and to the stars he has returned.

It was great having him as Earth's houseguest, at least for a little while.


Join the members of Buck-Tick and raise a glass to him.

We would post Mr. Sakurai's cover of Space Oddity as tribute but it appears that the YouTube police have taken it off YouTube, so go look it up for yourself, or buy the copy of the Ai no Wakusei DVD we currently have on offer and watch the whole thing as many times as you want. Fuck capitalism, just get drunk and cry.



  1. Oh my... I'm at a loss for words now...
    Still hope the links work, though. =(


  2. This kicked me in the guts, and HARD. The fact that he knew this was coming for a long while now, and just quietly worked on a new album as a parting gift to his fans...

    If no other good could come of this, at least it makes me feel like I made the right choice in flying out to Japan for the Schaft concert. Imai and Fujii aren't getting any younger, and they'll probably never tour outside of Japan in any capacity. They might even stop touring IN Japan too. I mean, Maki Fujii once disappeared off the face of the earth for something like 5 years, and it's practically a miracle that he suddenly returned to musical activities. He and Imai and any other musician you've always wanted to see could just stop performing any day now for any number of reasons.

    Appreciate your artistic heroes in person if you can, while you can...

    1. 100% the correct takeaway from this sad event, I think. Savour your time in Japan and celebrate every moment of those gigs. Bon courage!

  3. Indeed, a glass of wine and perhaps a drawing by banksy to go with it,at least on this occassion. Found tge video on vimeo http://www.veoh.com/m/watch.php?v=v2765019KkRF9Sm

  4. It's on Dailymotion: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3hys89_sakurai-atsushi-space-oddity-live_music

  5. So sad what a true icon. Remembering him today by listening to his music and watching Labyrinth. Never will he be forgotten.

  6. Would you mind translating what Imai put on his blog about it?

  7. A life and death full of grace, in all senses of the word.

  8. The night before his death was announced I suddenly thought to myself before I went to bed "I should porbably listen to more songs by David Bowie",
    and then, 8 hours later I read about it.


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