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Hey, folks. Things have been slow in Buck-Tickistan of late, but as Japan relaxes for the Golden Week holidays, we know that summer is just around the corner - which means that things are sure to be heating up soon!

Unfortunately, for residents of Kyushu, life has been a little bit too interesting lately. For those of you who never read the news, Kumamoto Prefecture, home of our favorite mascot, the adorable Kumamon, experienced one of the worst earthquakes in Japan's recorded history on April 16th. Because the earthquake epicenter was relatively shallow, the shaking was much more damaging than the shaking that occurred during the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011. Shallow quakes are much more likely to damage buildings, and indeed, many houses and municipal buildings collapsed. Mercifully, there was no tsunami, but many people have lost their homes, and reconstruction is sure to be long and arduous. To add to the misery, the famous and celebrated historical landmark Kumamoto Castle was seriously damaged. Things are looking bad, very bad.

Earthquake damage at Kumamoto Castle

Every little bit helps, so we're pleased to see that Buck-Tick have expanded their charity goods sales to help raise funds for reconstruction in Kumamoto. The Buck-Tick web shop is holding a sale, including discounted tour goods and some of the charity items designed by the band members to raise funds for the reconstruction of Tohoku. All the profits from sales of these items will be donated to Kumamoto. Therefore, if you are interested in donating, this is one easy way to do so. If any of you would like to order items through us, we promise to donate the full amount of our usual shopping service fees to Kumamoto, as well.

Let's help Kumamon!


In other, happier news, This is NOT Greatest Site correspondent Kame is pleased to announce that she is now on Instagram. You can follow her HERE.

For those of you who don't already know - Kame is one of the original founders of This is NOT Greatest Site. She's also the illustrator of all the comics we have posted over the years (read a few here, here and here.) She's currently in the midst of a "100 Days of Instagram" challenge, so if you send her doodle requests, she'll draw them for you! The funnier the better!

If you can't think of anything, we have some suggestions:

- Toll in a bikini on the beach
- Imai waking up in a dumpster!
- Hoshino Hidehiko's all-j-rock allstar soccer team!
- The great Imai/Fujimaki/Jake/Murata/Acchan love snarl!
- Fifty ways to okay oneself to the fly high!
- Nishikawa Takanori without pants!

...and any other thing your crazy imaginations can dream up! Go nuts!




Snarl, love. Snarl.

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  1. Good to see a new post& I laughed my heart out re-reading the older interview one :) Hope the area will recover fast. Also, although unrelated, this article popped up on my facename pagefeed: http://www.theguardian.com/music/2016/may/07/never-mind-bus-pass-punks-look-back-wildest-days


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