The Hisashi Inquirer Back Pages: More Sexual

Lifted from the back pages of The Hisashi Inquirer, where they print all the stuff that isn't fit for print:


The other day, a devoted reader of ours sent us this photo which she took while on holiday in Thailand. This is a photo of a real noticeboard really there in real Thailand, and has not been altered in any way.

But...why stop there? If you're going to conceive a child, surely you don't want to conceive just any child. Surely it would be far preferable to conceive one of the Buck-Tick members!

Industrial Sex...get Higuchi Yutaka!

Sex for You...get Acchan-chan-sama!!!

Sextream Streamlined Sex...get Imai Hisashi!!!!

Beast Sex...get Hoshino "Sexy Beast Hide" Hidehiko #sexybeasthide!!!!!

Wet Dream...get Yagami Toll!!! (bonus: only one person required for conception of this particular spawn! Amazing! It's a virgin birth!)

And if you need a little help getting started on your Toll conception, I suggest you check out some illegal livestreams of erotic banana-eating. Have you ever wondered why Toll likes to throw bananas into the audience at shows? Wonder no more.


Translated from the original Japanese by Cayce. Contents are property of The Hisashi Inquirer and we take no responsibility for them whatsoever. But if you haven't yet heard the song "Wet Dream" by Yagami Toll and the Blue Sky, don't wait. Go listen to it immediately. And then go listen to "B.A.K.A.T.O.L.L."

And I'ma just leave this here.

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