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As many of you may have noticed, the jacket art for Buck-Tick's forthcoming single New World has now been released, dispelling entirely the hope that this would be a Disney cover single. Nope, kids - far from a Disney cover single, judging by the jackets alone, we'd be tempted to guess that this is Buck-Tick trying to imitate In Death It Ends for the sake of all those broken-hearted fangirls of The Mortal.

These jackets hit all the sexy buzzpoints of the new generation of minimal wave, witch house and self-styled "post-punk" bands that all the hipsters are listening to these days: an ultra-washed-out monochrome color scheme, blur and lens flare effects to make the band members look mysterious, some invocation of occult symbology through the moon phase motif, and of course, a stylized font designed to make Roman letters look like cuneiform characters.

All they need now are some Killstar collaboration tour t-shirts! I recommend this design...can't you just see Buck-Tick's name on this one? (Yes, I stole this photo from some online shop site, sorry not sorry.)

However, when we listen to the the trailer for "New World" that was posted online at the same time as the album jackets were released, it starts to sound less likely that Buck-Tick are indeed giving in to their inner hipster goths...but for the synth line, none of this sounds remotely like cold wave. In fact, if there were more talking animals involved, it almost could be a Disney song.

Then again, it's been my observation that these little snippets of new songs the band post prior to releases are often quiet misleading about what the whole song actually sounds like, so I wouldn't take too much away from this except that Buck-Tick will probably not show up on Stereo Embers "The Next 20 Post-Punk Bands You Should Listen To" any time soon, which means we're safe for now...because if you can tell any of these bands apart from each other by either sound or visuals, you're already ten steps ahead of me.

And that's all the Buck-Tick news for now. But before we leave, we'd like to call your attention to another Disney-related item that is surely well beloved in Buck-Tickistan. Friends, if you have not seen this yet, you must watch it as soon as you can, preferably with the aid of consciousness-altering substances, because this, my friends, is the one and only collaboration between animation titan Walt Disney and surrealist savant Salvador Dali, and it's every bit as weird as you'd expect it to be.



  1. Dear God, Cayce, you weren't exaggerating when you said those bands sound the same - thank you for today's laugh! I like the cover though, gives me a bit of an old sci-fi vibe too.

  2. Destino! Brings back memories, it's one of my faves. On another thought, so it wasn't just me who thought that the preview sounds less BT-ish. It is still a preview and usually when the whole thing comes out, it will totally destroy our previous assumptions.

    Looking forward to BT's new album~


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