New World, New Tower


We braved the typhoon to pick up the new single at Tower Records, and entered the store only to find a truly gigantic Buck-Tick banner hanging on the wall! Unfortunately, Imai looks like he's been doing a bit too much cum uh sol nu lately.

For reference on just how big the poster was, here it is next to the CD display and the Buck-Tick Cafe menu.

And here's the ad for the album on the third floor. At the bottom, you can see a picture of the large-sized badge you get for free if you purchase the album at Tower. In keeping with the NuGoth designs, it's minimalist black and white...just the sort of thing you could feel comfortable showing off at one of the club events at Trump Room across the street.

If you still want to order the album from us, or any of the magazines, it's not too late. Just send us an email.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! Such a pity for Imai-san *tsk tsk Can't even see his eyes #_#


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