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In keeping with the recent tradition of accompanying the release of each album with a time-limited cafe tie-in, it has been announced that Buck-Tick will be taking over Tower Records Cafe Omotesando between September 10th and October 2nd. At three weeks, this is an unprecedented length of time for Buck-Tick to be taking over a cafe, so everyone who wants to ought to be able to find the time to go check it out!

Perhaps they got the memo about Cafe Manduuka, because this time, Buck-Tick are bringing back the themed food they used for the NicoNico Cafe, but unlike the NicoNico Cafe, the Tower Records Cafe is open till 11PM, meaning that there will actually be time for normal people to relax and have a drink!

And yes, my friends, there are drinks: one for each band member!


Mr. Sakurai - Tequila Sunrise (850 yen)

Mr. Imai - Tory's Kaku Highball (850 yen)

Sexy Beast Hide - Cream Soda (750 yen...no booze in this one. Sorry, fans!)

Serious Yutaka - Serious Bear Latte (700 yen...it's a latte with Serious Bear drawn on top)

Yagami Toll - Kick Highball (850 yen...Toll's favorite sake with lemon and ginger ale)


The announcement claims that the band members themselves picked these drinks out, but I don't buy it. Or rather, it seems to me that the only band members who actually bothered to pick out their own drinks were Hide and Yutaka. Not only is Tory's Kaku the second-worst whiskey in Japan (and plus we know Imai's a beer drinker), and not only does Toll (when he's not drinking white wine out of a box) prefer his sake unadulterated with ginger ale (because only gaijin mix sake into cocktails! Sake cocktails are Not A Thing in Japan)...but while we've heard through the grapevine that Mr. Sakurai's going through a tequila phase, the other thing we heard through that same grapevine was that Mr. Sakurai is going through a challenge-the-bartender-to-tequila-shots phase...a challenge which he always wins. Points for emotional maturity: 0. Points for hanging loose and enjoying life after 50: 100. If you've gotta be drinking your tequila out of sunrises instead of straight out of the empty skull of your favorite dead jester, you're not ready to be drinking tequila with Mr. Sakurai. Tower Records is not ready to be drinking tequila with Mr. Sakurai.


Anyhow, in addition to this boozy goodness, there will also be a Buck-Tick themed food menu, consisting of the following dishes:

Kyokutou Yori Ai wo Komete Neapolitan Spaghetti - 1200 yen. Spicy spaghetti, because of the flames in the Kyokutou Yori Ai wo Komete PV.

Diabolo -Lucifer- Chicken - 1200 yen - Italian Diablo chicken. They're only serving 20 of these per day, so get yours fast.

Angelfish Fish and Chips - 850 yen. The idea of eating an angelfish is only slightly less sickening than the idea of eating an angel. Something about this is fishy, guys.

Chocolate Pancake - 1100 yen. But Tower Records, you do know that song wasn't actually about chocolate, right? So please tell me, what's really in this pancake?


In addition to the food and booze, Buck-Tick songs will be playing over the sound system, and there will be a photo panel display of photos taken at Buck-Tick's DIQ tour last year. Also, if you order a drink at the cafe, you'll get a special Atom Miraiha coaster (until supplies run out). If you're really desperate for a coaster, you can also order a beer at Yokohama Arena before Climax Together 3rd, and they will give you a coaster there, too. However, they advise you that you can't drink the beer in the venue...so let's hope that beer booth is outside, and it's not a trap where you order your beer in the venue and then some peach-fuzz kid in a security guard's uniform comes over immediately and tries to tell you that you're Breaking The Rules and therefore must leave (if this happens to you, just take a good slurp of that beer and smile broadly at him.)

Also, if you order more than 3000 yen worth of food at the Tower Records Cafe, you will be entered into a lottery to win one of the photo panels...though if you're really going to attempt this, I advise asking the cafe staff to make the Tequila Sunrise extra strong for you, because Japanese cocktails in cafes of this kind often would be better labeled as "may contain traces of booze" than "alcoholic beverage, not for consumption by under-twenties."


Also, Victor is really, really glad to have Buck-Tick back. To celebrate the occasion by trying to squeeze even more money out of you, they're selling collaboration goods with Buck-Tick's logo and the Victor mascot, Nipper. So if you're into overpriced totes and coffee mugs that look like swag from that Dynamic Integrated Horizontal Human Resources Capacity Building Development Parallelogram Innovation Symposium Seminar Series you had to attend on your business trip last week, then by all means, buy these goods. Victor will hump your leg and possibly pee on your floor in joy.

Oh yeah, and when you buy selected goods at Tower Records shops after September 20th, you get a free "Welcome Buck-Tick" sticker from Victor, just because. Because Victor is the Church of Scientology in disguise, and we should all be very afraid.

Oh yeah, and they're selling the Climax Together 3rd goods at the cafe, as well. But if they don't hurry up and release another shirt that says "Climax Together" across the front, totally context-free, then we're not interested. However, if any of you readers are interested, and would like to purchase goods through Cayce, just shoot us an email. We are here together with you, helping you Climax.


  1. Gosh can't wait for NGS' reports on everything. You surely are gonna go to that cafe right???

  2. Another most amusing read! Thanks Cayce. So wish I could be there.

  3. Ah, how I wish I could be there and Climax Together!
    But there's still your report to come, which you are surely going to write in your perfect style, right? Then we all can feel the sensation through your words and get dreamy about having been there...
    In the meantime, great thanks for the most needed laugh!

  4. The meals looked mouth-watering.

    Did you go to the cafe by yourself, Cayce?

    You just have to tell us what else you know about Mr. Sakurai through that grapevine. We've got a passion for Buck-Tickistani gossip whether new or old, that's why we're counting on you to quench our thirst!!!!

    1. We went with our doe-eyed Buck-Tick fangirlfriend of the moment...though she is not our fangirlfriend anymore since she ditched us for the sweet if unfaithful love of a philandering Sakurai cosplayer.

      However, that's really neither here nor there.

      We could tell you that we know through the grapevine that Mr. Sakurai doesn't own any underwear, but as we've never seen any on him with our own eyes we'll call this eyewitness testimony.

  5. In our circles rumor had it Mr. Sakurai's dingly-dangly-diddly-ding-dong wore many a thong along nearly all B-T years. We weren't wrong.

    Why weren't cakes like this one included? Just. Why?http://i.imgur.com/GEgOlX6.jpg

    1. Don't get us wrong. No underwear doesn't mean thong, it means NO underwear. Mr. Sakurai is a free spirit who will not allow his freedom to be constrained or contained (except if you replace the word "constrainment" with the word "bondage." But last time we checked that definitely didn't involve underwear.)

    2. And regarding the cake...dearest, Blog-Tick is a PG-13 blog, don't spoil our delicate sensibilities! Babies are brought from the heavens by storks.


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