Atom Miraiha Budoukan Goods

The Atom Miraiha tour goods from the tour final at the Budoukan are now up on the Buck-Tick web shop, so check them out here. Some of the items are sold out, but many more are still available...however, no telling how long they'll last! We'll be placing an order soon for all the items desired by Blog-Tick customers, so if you'd like us to help you order anything, email us asap. We will be able to offer a small discount on shipping for customers placing their orders together.

As far as the live report goes...we're working on it, but we got socked with an Urgent Business Project due tomorrow, so it's on hold for a bit. We'll get back to it as soon as we can.

Also, thanks Russian fangirls, for all your freaking out over Acchan-chan's thighs. We're so happy that after so many years, we finally managed to break the internet, and you were the ones who made that possible. We promise more thigh pics in the near future. In the meantime, have a brilliant future for future.

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  1. Hey, Cayce, thank you for keeping us uo to date as usual. I've been meaning to ask you something for quite some time now. Do you know if the web shop actually ships outside Japan?


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