Living on the Net, Eureka! and more

Buck-Tick sure are punching us in the face with the speed and volume of their announcements these days. Sorry we haven't been keeping up in as timely a fashion as we used to... we're still struggling a bit, physically. But we have been endeavoring since 2009 to get y'all the latest from Buck-Tickistan, and we won't quit now. Here goes!

1. Abracadabra Living on the Net

First, and most relevant to Buck-Tick's overseas fans: on Monday, September 21st, which is the release date of Abracadabra, and also Buck-Tick's 33rd anniversary, Buck-Tick will be holding "Abracadabra Live on the Net," their first no-audience remote-viewing live production since Satellite Circuit, back in 1991. That is to say, they will be playing a live show to an empty hall, which will be streamed live online (as in, actually happening in real time, not pre-recorded). The production will begin at 7PM Japan time with a pre-recorded interview with the band members, and then the live show will begin at 8PM. The show will then be archived until 11:59 PM, September 28th.

The live stream will be offered over various streaming platforms, but only two of them are available to overseas fans: NicoNico and Zaiko. All the details about the stream are available on this dedicated website, but we'll summarize the important points below.

The NicoNico stream is viewable in web browsers, through their dedicated app (not sure if it works overseas, though), and on TV through AppleTV's AirPlay and Chromecast. If you view the stream on your TV, the comments will not be visible, but there is support for HDMI viewing. Viewers are advised to check their TV settings in advance if using this option. I'm not sure it's available outside of Japan, though, so if you're interested, check sooner rather than later. Payment is accepted via credit card and various Japanese e-cash services that probably aren't available outside of Japan, but if you're interested, check the site for details. You can see the details of viewing platforms supported by NicoNico here. The ticket purchase page is here. You need a NicoNico account to purchase tickets, so make sure you take that into account and don't leave it till the last minute, if you're going with this option.

4400 yen, including tax (NicoNico Premium members)
5000 yen, including tax (general viewers)

The Zaiko stream has an English-language website with all the details. Their help page includes info on how to connect the stream to your TV. The stream can also be viewed in a web browser. Zaiko accepts payment via credit card or PayPal. Overall, this option is probably easier for overseas fans, because the English-language information is much more thorough and readable. They even have information on how to participate in the live chat. Nice to know that at least one website has helpful info in places where you can find it!

5000 yen, including tax (general viewers)

Post a comment if you plan on watching! The band released a pair of stainless steel cups for fans to drink out of while watching the show... but predictably, they sold out instantly on the web shop, even though the design is nothing special. And since Japan Post still isn't shipping overseas to most countries, we couldn't ship them to you in time even if we wanted to. Sorry, fans. But as you can see, you're not missing much.


2. Trailer Videos Galore

As of today, the band have released an Abracadabra trailer video including clips from "Que Sera Sera Elegy," "Kogoeru -Crystal Cube version-," and "Eureka!" View it here. Hoist up your knickers and prepare for lots of electronics and Mr. Sakurai singing about bras!

The band have also released a trailer video for Abracadabra Live on the Net, which is just a digest of music video clips, but fun to watch anyway.


3. "Eureka"

"Eureka," which the English-language Abracadabra album site helpfully translated as "Squid" before someone located and corrected the error (oh, so a human is looking at the site after all? Wow, good human, have a biscuit!) is now available on major streaming platforms. Links here. If you worried that Buck-Tick had forgotten how to be outrageously smutty... nope, they haven't. If you wondered what it would sound like if Buck-Tick covered M83, you are about to find out. What do y'all think? Leave us a comment.

Also, be sure to scroll up to the top of the Abracadabra special site and be mesmerized by the animated spinning Abracadabra in the sky. If you ever wondered how Imai felt when he was "flying high," stare at that Abracadabloop for ten minutes, and wonder no more.


4. Abracadabra Record & Cassette Players

Knowing that most fans don't have analog players anymore, Buck-Tick's management have wisely seized the opportunity to merchandise even more, and are greedily proud to offer you an Abracadabranded record player, and an Abracadabranded cassette player to go along with. The decorations on both cassette and record player were designed by Buck-Tick's art director Akita Kazunori, and both players contain USB hookups so you can rip your analog media to digital. The record player includes onboard speakers and is self-contained in its own super-swanky suitcase. The cassette player doesn't include onboard speakers, so you need to hook it up to a speaker system, or listen to it on headphones. View the specs on the cassette player here, and the specs on the record player here. The cassette player has already sold out on the first preorder, but there will be a second preorder starting at 5 PM on September 23rd, so if any of you are interested, contact us before then (preferably not too last-minute).

Cassette Player - 5060 yen, including tax
Record Player - 27,390 yen, including tax

That record player sure is expensive, but it sure is pretty! Sexy and retro! If any of y'all can divine the very pixelated message below the Buck-Tick logo on the outside of the suitcase, please post it in the comments below.

And the adorable cassette player. It's easy to see why it sold out so fast. Who wouldn't want this cute baby in their life?


5. Muy Mucho Magazines

With all their retro-format releases of Abracadabra, Buck-Tick sure are ready to put the "zine" in "magazine"! Buck-Tick members will be appearing in the following September magazines:

PHY Volume 17 (released September 19th) 1500 yen - cover interview with all the band members.

Rock & Read 091 (released September 19th) 1430 yen - Sakurai and Imai cover, personal interviews with all the band members.

(This is definitely Not Greatest Photo of Acchan-chan. Good job, Rock & Read! You made this legendary sex symbol look both hunchbacked and cross-eyed!)

According to their blog, Rock & Read would like y'all to know that this interview and photoshoot were all as socially distant as distant socials can be. Look!

Socially distant Acchan-chan, part 1

Socially distant Acchan-chan, part 2

Angsty socially distant Acchan-chan

Socially distant Imai in the best outfit he's ever worn and that's saying something

Aaaand.. fanservice photoshop to the rescue.

Ongaku to Hito October 2020 (released September 5th) 780 yen - personal interviews with both Sakurai and Yutaka.

To those of you who think these photos make Mr. Sakurai look more like Reverend Sakurai, Preacher of the Gospel of Love... who on earth gave you that idea? Certainly not Alex Kapranos.

If any of y'all want to order these magazines through us, just send us an email. Also, a reminder - reservations for the Fish Tanker's Only 2011 DVD/BluRay are open until September 30th. If you'd like our help getting a copy, please contact us asap.

And... that's all for now. But soon, there will surely be more. In the meantime, stay on the Abracadabra website, and stay mesmerized by that mandala. The more you stare, the more blessings will surely flow your way.


  1. The message on the suitcase is
    Vinyl Motion
    Portable Suitcase Turntable

    And I'm living for all of this. The branded music players, the livestreaming, the new song, the way they're finally acknowledging their foreign fanbase by including english translations of their announcements on social media, and just overall the way that this album's rollout feels like it's being handled by people who understand the modern music industry. I am thrilled to be a fan of theirs right now.

  2. I got a ticket for the live in Zaiko, the page is super easy to use, so I hope it works without trouble. I have been enjoying the youtube lives, and this kind of opportunity as a foreigner fan is exciting. I'll take any distractions. Pls take my money.

    And after all these weeks watching the youtube lives in my dinning room, the family has started to like them lol even my mother said she will wake up to watch the live at 7/8am if I want to watch if on the tv. The magic of BT.

  3. I bought the ticket via Nico Nico, and was rather surprised that they accepted my Europe-issued card to buy points. The interface is still not easy to navigate for a non-Japanese speaker but maybe it has become sightly/ marginally more intuitive. (or maybe google's AI translate has gotten better.) Zaiko seemed straightforward to navigate too. I cannot say how incredibly happy I am about the live stream and the Wednesday lives have been so much fun. It's really nice to see the overseas fans joining in for those and partaking in BuckTick magic. To be honest, for a couple of them I looked up Cayce's live reports and reread them, and had another laugh (and stared in awe at the screen depending on the paragraph in question) at how they are as always spot on, funny, ironic, and just sensible overall.

  4. I'm slightly disappointed that the auto-translated (I assume) official English site didn't go the whole hog and mistranslate Eureka as Lily Squid- that at least sounds like it could be a potential Buck-Tick song title haha.

  5. Just saw the photo of the turntable! This is what's written on it:


    Have a good day ~


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