Six O'Clock Radio at Nine O'Clock

Just especially for Buck-Tick, the program "Six O'Clock Radio" is doing an Abracadabra special, to be aired at 9 PM tomorrow, Japan time. See what they did there? Six/Nine's not dead!

The program will be streamed on YouTube here. It will include advertisements for the ultra-deluxe limited editions of the album, including the contents of the limited edition CD, analog LP, and cassette tape. It will also contain "never before aired comments from the band members," and kids, please join us in hoping that these are socially distanced filmed-from-home comments, so that we can vicariously spy on the band members' houses! By now we've all seen a number of views of Imai's crazy black-and-white wallpaper, art collection, and large articulated metal celestial globe (not to mention a reprise of his Schaft plague doctor mask)... but what have we seen of Hide's place except that record-store wall (is it fake? is it real? does it matter?), and that gargoyle. Is it true that Hide lives in a scrubbed-wood hipster coffee shop with navy blue and beige horizontal stripes and small potted olive trees dotting the ultra minimalist coffee bar? Or does he live in his very own Bali-themed spa full of miniature fountains, faux frangipani flowers, carven statues of Ganesha and sexy ladies, with a soundtrack of surf rock mixed with gamelan music, sipping banana martinis as he dreams longingly of his next trip to the Southern Islands?

And what about the others? Is it true that Yutaka lives in a swanky penthouse full of baseball jerseys and gay theater actor "roommates"? Is it true that Toll has a water-cooler-style dispenser for his box wine? Is it true that Mr. Sakurai devoted an entire room to a custom-built kitty jungle gym the likes of which the world has never seen? Would he be willing to give us a tour of the inside of his closet, including the 15 identical Alexander McQueen t-shirts (but most definitely NOT including underwear?) Boy oh boy (septem peccata mortalia), we can't wait for tomorrow!

But that's not all! By far the most exciting part of this program is sure to be the part where they play all the tracks from the new album! It doesn't say whether they'll play them in their entirety, or only play clips, but it kind of sounds like they'll be playing the whole album. Better make sure you connect up your good speaker system before tuning in to this one.


A special site has also been launched for Tour Abracadabra On Screen, including miniature thumbnails of some of the new tour goods. Goods won't be sold at the venues on this tour, they'll only be sold through the web site. If you'd like to order any, shoot us an email. But we'll wait to review the goods until there are photos which actually show what the goods look like. Let's hope they put those photos up before 6PM Friday, September 18th, which is when the goods go on sale, and doubtless also when they will sell out.


When the YouTube program airs tomorrow, feel free to leave comments about it on this post. It may not be as much fun as shouting emoji into the YouTube void, but it's a lot more enduring.

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  1. Hi Cayce! What do you think of the new album? (We miss you!)


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