Tenshi no Zawameki 2

Excerpted from Tenshi no Zawameki, copyright 1990 by Matsumoto Kiyori. Translated from the original Japanese by Cayce.

1988 June 4th, at Shiodome PIT

It was two days after Buck-Tick had played at the PIT. Toll and U-ta came backstage to hang out.

"On our days off, we like to come see our friends' bands," U-ta said, with his usual friendly smile.

The bands playing today were Super Bad, Der Zibet, Kinniku Shoujotai, La-Ppisch, Bo Gumbos, Rogue, etc.

Toll had his hair down and gathered back into a ponytail. When I remarked on how long it was, he said, "I've just been growing it out like this, and now it's 40 centimeters but I can still make it stand up totally straight, so at this point, it's like a challenge. I'm just going to see how long I can grow it!

What a characteristically Toll-like answer.

Meanwhile, Der Zibet's vocalist Issay was having some trouble getting his hair to stand up.

"Why don't I give him some of my Helene Super Hard spray?" Toll suggested.

It turned out Toll had two bottles of his beloved hairspray tucked into the band's equipment van. I was surprised enough that the band was coming to the venue on their days off in their equipment van, but I was even more surprised that they always had a box of hairspray bottles in there, too!


  1. It's so cool to see that Toll still has that awesome hair after so many years! :O

  2. Thank you very much for translating it!*inlove*
    Actually, what I'm most glad to read there is mentioning of Der Zibet, because translations concerning them even in a small degree are pretty rare.


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