Love From the Far East

With rolling blackouts sweeping Kanto, two thirds of train service down, an impending food shortage, and more explosions at the Fukushima nuclear power plants, it's clear that the quake crisis is merely beginning to unfold. Wouldn't you know it, Honshu actually moved 2.4 meters east. This is a big, big deal.

For those of you in Kanto/Tohoku: shut down all extraneous appliances. Make sure you have bottled water on hand (saving tap water in your bathtub and/or cooking pots and/or extra plastic bottles is a good strategy). To protect against possible radiation exposure, wear a hat and long sleeves outside. Go outside only when necessary. Eating kelp and brown rice also helps. Kelp contains high levels of iodine that can help protect against radiation-induced thyroid cancer (don't eat too much, though, because you can overdose), and brown rice can help protect against the damaging effects of radioactive cesium. Everyone, try to get plenty of sleep, and if possible, go and stay at a friend's house--it's easier to save power when you stick together, and less lonely, too.

Because, we're all going to be really lonely without Buck-Tick. A new announcement was posted on their official home page today:


Tour 2011 "Utakata no Razzle Dazzle" Live Performances
Saturday 3-12 (Zepp Osaka)
Monday 3-21 (Zepp Tokyo)
Saturday 3-26 (Okinawa Namura Hall)
Saturday 4-2 (Akasaka Blitz)
Sunday 4-3 (Akasaka Blitz)

Fish Tanker's Only 2011
Sunday 3-13 (Namba Hatch)
Sunday 3-20 (Zepp Tokyo)

By decision of the band members and the staff, due to the major earthquake off the Pacific coast of Tohoku on March 11th, the live performances listed above have been postponed indefinitely.

Fans who have tickets in their possession will be reimbursed for postponed/cancelled performances. Be sure not to lose/throw away your tickets.

The fan club tickets for the performances on April 2nd and 3rd at Akasaka Blitz have not been shipped yet. Please wait for more details on the procedure for these performances. More information will be posted soon on Buck-Tick's official home page (this site), and the Love and Media Portable page.

We extend our heartfelt prayers to all the victims of this disaster, pray that all those who lost their lives will rest in peace, and pray for a swift recovery for the damaged regions.


"All you fans who were looking forward to the live performances in Tokyo, Osaka, and Okinawa, we are very, very sorry. A terrible disaster has occurred. It is very sad, and very real. I'm sure many of you are worried and scared. If there's anything that we, the band, and you, the fans, can do, it's to help send a little more aid to those in need--food, emergency supplies, and anything else that may be required. All of you who carefully saved your pocket money to come and see our tour, please, send it to the earthquake victims instead. However you choose to donate, it doesn't matter, just try your best to do your part.

Spring may be a long time in coming for eastern Japan, but I know that the spring will come. I promise you, we will all meet again. We will sing together again. Looking forward to that time, let's keep our heads up.

Thank you for reading all the way to the end.

All those many, many souls who passed away in this calamity, may you find peace in the next world. All the families you have left behind send you their prayers of mourning."

-Sakurai Atsushi

"When I think about this disaster, words fail me. Please...just stay alive.

I'm praying for you.

Let's hang in there together.

We're strong."

-Imai Hisashi

"After discussing things carefully, we decided to postpone the rest of the shows on the tour. Many lives were lost in this disaster, and those who were left behind cannot run away, from sadness, pain, and fear.

My heart is full of pain when I think about how this is actually happening.

We haven't decided when yet, but when the time is right, we promise you, we'll play you some shows again, and show you all a great time, so please just wait patiently with us.

Let's each pray, that at least one more life may be saved."

-Hoshino Hidehiko

"After conferring with the other members and the staff, we decided to postpone the rest of the tour. We sincerely apologize to all the fans who were looking forward to the shows. We'll announce the new tour dates when we set them, so until then, just wait patiently.

I look forward to the time when we can meet again.

In the meantime, I'm praying from my heart for everyone's safety and swift recovery."

-Higuchi Yutaka

"When I think about how terrible things are for so many of the earthquake victims, I have no words.

All I can do is hope that we'll be able to get things back together into a normal routine as quickly as possible. I'm praying from my heart."

-Yagami Toll

If that doesn't have you in tears, you probably don't deserve to be a Buck-Tick fan. Also I might add that the band members are victims, too. Everyone is a victim. Society is in chaos, people are stuck at home without power, half the businesses in the city are shuttered. All you readers around the world, please pray with us...it's not about religion, it's about human hope.


  1. I hope things will go smoothly after this for the members. And yes, reading this...the tears just flows out on its own. :'(

    Stay strong Japan. You're always in my prayers.

  2. Thank You and Stay Strong my Friend! Take Care!

  3. I feel really moved by this post and by the messages from the band members... And somehow even though it's been on my mind this entire time, I think this is the first time I felt a little different about the situation. Maybe not better, but maybe something like a bit more hopeful.

  4. i pray for japan everyday. me and about 3 people got together and started making paper cranes. it's the least we can do. were only 13. but i love BUCK-TICK and i'm happy they're okay.

  5. Dear Cayce, I am so saddened and horrified and worried for all of you. The greatest tragedy of your lifetime, I'm sure, and like you said it's just beginning. We feel so helpless in our own countries looking on. We want to help MORE! Please know that we are with you, we are praying and crying and hoping that the situation does not get any worse. And we are doing whatever we can to help. For myself, I am playing in a benefit fundraiser at one our local Japanese / Japanese-Canadian organizations. I will sing a Buck Tick Song and send my breath across the water. This time the waves will be gentle.

  6. This is so beautiful to read... I had no tears to shed, though, because they are filled with such hope, it would be silly to mock it with sorrow.
    But on the day this disaster struck, I was in a horrible, tense mood, not knowing if the very band that gave me a reason to live has been slaughtered by nature.
    I'm just so glad they're alive and well, and I thankyou from the bottom of my soul.


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