Points of Clarification

Anyone can download Buck-Tick's charity graphic, only right now there is a bug that means that people registered with Docomo have to have a paid membership to download it. Users of SoftBank and au can download free. Since this is the Japanese mobile web, I am doubting it works outside of Japan. Those of you outside of Japan who want to donate, please, please do. Japan's economy was not in good shape before this thing happened, the country is in a lot of debt, and pulling through this crisis is going to take a lot of money. Every little bit counts. When you donate, the important thing is to make sure you are donating to a large, reputable organization. Putting money in collection bins on the street is not a safe option. Make sure you go through large, secure systems set in place by whatever aid organization is most reputable in your country.

Still no word on when Buck-Tick's DVD release has been postponed to. I'm not sure there will be for a while. With the severe power shortage and gasoline shortage continuing, business here is still very unstable and a lot of factories are closed for lack of fuel, power, and parts. I'm sure plans will all be announced in good time.

For anyone who worried, there are a lot of musicians rallying together to support relief efforts. Buck-Tick canceled their tour because a big undertaking like that takes a fair amount of electricity and fuel, plus given the state of the transportation system at the moment, it's unlikely all the fans could make it even if they had the shows. But lots of smaller events are happening all over. Everyone is donating at least some of the ticket money. Not a chance that one measly earthquake could kill the Japanese music scene in one blow. We're going to keep fighting!

Also for anyone who worried, Tohoku, Kanto, and to some extent Hokkaido, are feeling direct after-effects of the ongoing crisis. Western Japan (Kansai) and Kyuushuu are doing just fine...anyone who has friends there should not be worried.

For anyone living in Tokyo, I wouldn't buy fresh vegetables or dairy products labeled as coming from Fukushima, Ibaraki, or Tochigi. There is a distinct possibility that they have been contaminated with radiation. Probably low levels, but you don't want to eat that shit, it's nasty.

Oh an by the way, I was planning on translating Buck-Tick's Twitter, but so far they haven't said anything the least bit interesting. Oh, snark!


  1. Thank you for all this info - it's very much appreciated.
    And thank you BIG time for translating all of Imai's latest posts. I hate using google translations, I really do.

    Keep hanging in there, Cayce, I've been keeping a good-luck candle for Japan lit at all times.

  2. thank you cayce-san, i follow them on twitter but my phone can't read japanese for crap. XD

  3. So far the only posts on the Twitter account are things they've already said on their official site, so no worries.

  4. okay, thank you!


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