More on Voting

For voting, you need to list your name, age, sex, and prefecture of residence. For reference, 「女性」is "female" and 「男性」is male. Fukushima prefecture is 「福島」. Also my bad, you can vote for one song per album per day.

Songs promoted by Cayce today:

Telephone Murder
The World Is Yours
Victims of Love (Not Greatest Hits version)
Shanikusai -Carnival-
La Vie en Rose
Motel 13
Yougetsu (the stupid album mix because that's all they allow you to vote for.)

If you like these songs, too, you should vote for them!


  1. I voted for a few of the songs you mentioned, but here are some that I think are neglected too.

    Schiz o Gensou
    I would much rather hear these 3 songs than the ones fans chose from SSL. My Fuckin' Valentine, seriously? D:

    Pixy (I'm really surprised this isn't on the list for 00-10, it's such a good song! D:)
    Lion (This song SO MUCH. If they do a tour based on the song results, I can't imagine who wouldn't want to see this live.)
    Zero (see Lion. Also, U-ta slappin' that bass ftw!)
    Warp Day
    Doukeshi A

    I'm kinda disappointed at some of the songs on the list. Some of the things fans chose are songs they already play fairly often, like Baby I Want You and Muma. I did a double take when I saw Itoshi no Umbrella. -_-;
    But I pretty much dislike everything on Memento Mori except Coyote and Heaven.

    I'm also saddened that they didn't include their singles that never got put on albums, since a lot are some of their best songs.

  2. Okay people...maybe I am bias but what about Megami, Misshitsu, Snow White, Suzembachi, Injin no Yoru, Passion, Castle in the Air, Pleasure Land, Kirameki...,Idol, Foolish, Lizard Skin..., Sapphire, Shippuu...,Oukoku...,
    dang it all...so not fair. Why do they do this to us?!!! I am enjoying this however. :) I am a closet masochist LOL - Long Live Buck-Tick

  3. I think the reason why people vote for the standard songs is because most people probably find them the most enjoyable songs (obviously). And thats probably the reason why people dont vote for other songs, simply because they dont really like them. Its about your preference. I mean, if i look at Cayce's list, i would say that Limbo, Yougetsu, Shanikusei and Passion (although Kourin is better imo:)) worth a spot on the cd, but i would never vote for most of the other songs on the list, even if that means that standard songs will take those spots. I mean, i would rather have a cd filled with standard bt songs then a cd filled with songs i dont like. So ye, i dont think its very effective to ask people to vote for other (less famous) songs. It wont really work. Unless you change the mindset of someone (about this voting system and his motives to vote on a certain song). But since its about music (therefore subjective), something like that is hard to achieve.

  4. Buck-Tick's Japanese fanbase is largely made up of die-hards who have been following the band since they debuted. They know all the songs and like most of them. On the other hand, their overseas fanbase is made up largely of people who just got interested in the band very recently. I'm not trying to change anyone's mind, I'm suggesting to the large number of people who can't really choose their favorite Buck-Tick songs to consider picking ones that haven't already appeared on a best-of collection, and encouraging people who have recently discovered the band through their well-known songs to consider listening to the lesser-known ones as well.


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