Voting is now open for the tracks that will be featured on Buck-Tick's new best-of collections, and the current list of rankings of songs has now been posted on the special 25th anniversary website. If you haven't voted, go vote now!

But, a word before you go vote. Looking at the rankings, all I have to say is, guys, can we please be more original? Despite the fact that Buck-Tick has at this point released a whopping 220 songs, I notice that every single track that was featured on the previous fan-voted best-of album, Buck-Tick Catalogue 2005, is also listed on this list of rankings, with the exceptions of the single tracks, as this time around, fans are not allowed to vote for singles or b-sides.

Now it's frankly a crime that fans aren't allowed to vote for b-sides. What, no "Yougestu," no "Paradise," no "Utsusemi," no "Rokugatsu no Okinawa," no "Asylum Garden," no "Down," no "Trans," no "My Baby Japanese," you say? Yeah, I know, Buck-Tick's list of b-sides coincides pretty heavily with their list of best songs ever, but I'm just going to hope the reason for the fact that you can't vote for b-sides is that they will be releasing a b-sides collection, too (maybe I'm about to start a rumor here!)

But, back to my main point, which is, let's steer clear of these album tracks that fans voted onto the previous best collection, that they now appear to be in danger of voting onto this new best collection as well. Putting aside the fact that many of these songs are songs the band has played so many times at recent tours that I get disappointed every time I hear them now, because from a band with such a wonderful back catalogue I'd really rather hear some variety (I'm looking at you, Muma, Baby, and Iconoclasm), what is the point of Buck-Tick releasing two best collections featuring more or less the same material? It's boring from the standpoint of the listeners, and it's stupid from a money-making perspective as well. If I already spent 3500 yen on Catalogue 2005, why would I spent another 3500 on a new best album that has the same damn track list minus "Aku no Hana" plus "Hamushi no You ni"?

So please, guys. The following songs were already included on the Catalogue 2005 track list. Please for the love of Buck-Tick being cool, don't vote for them again.

Hurry Up Mode
Sexual XXXXX
Physical Neurose
Angelic Conversation
My Fuckin' Valentine

Baby, I Want You
Shippuu no Blade Runner
Long distance call
mona lisa
Muma -The Nightmare-


  1. Okay I so second what u r saying. Come in lets get somegood songs into these albums so I can make it all worth it. I mean the shipping itself is going to cost me an arm. Please vote for songs that have not been performed for a while like illusion snow white megamI misshitsu...so many songs...I mean don't get me wrong I love muma and stuff.

  2. I agree with you about this matter. Its obviously pointless to vote these tracks, but you cant really blame ignorant fans for the fact they vote their favourite songs. I would have probably did the same if i didnt knew any better :). Thats why i think its a genius idea to rerecord all the songs chosen bij the fans. Not for the new compilation cd (because why would you want a rerecorded version of Razzle Dazzle tracks), but for the other one (with the older songs).That way, whatever fans chose, its at least going to feel ''fresh'' and new. I know this idea doesnt work because B-T cannot simply rerecord songs in such short time, but it would be kinda cool imo.

  3. Agree. I was disappointed to see the list so far and also what I voted for not on list :( but I hope its early more people will vote. Go back through your collections people there is so much more! cheers,

  4. Word.

    Most of my favourite B-T songs are singles and b-sides, and most of my favourite singles are ones that were never included on an album. Eff my life.

  5. while voting i purposely skipped the songs that are already on the list. And really it's not that hard to vote for nice songs if you do that. To bad, other people are not trying the same D:
    Also by doing so i surprisingly realized that my fav songs from last 3 albums are totally different from majority of fandom (well hello there Mr.Darkness & Mrs.Moonlight, Jonathan Jet-Coaster and 錯乱Baby) and non of them are on the ranking list... i guess that makes me a bit proud :3

  6. Well, 90% of the songs I voted for aren't on the ranking atm, hopefully that will change. I do improve of Snow White making its way up there. I agree that it would be nice to end up with compilations of slightly lesser-known but awesome trecks. I sometimes wonder if I'm in a minority of fans whose fav song of Aku no Hana, for example, is Sabbat! I really wish B-T would do this live sometime.

  7. Sabbat's a great song, I'd also love to hear them play it live, but I don't think they've played it in at least ten years. What a shame.


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