Parade Tour Live Report

My live report of the Parade Tour 2012 is now up on Not Greatest Site.  Sorry it took so long.  Go have a read!  Feel free to post your comments here, but as always, keep them concise and constructive.

Also, it has been announced that Buck-Tick's fall hall tour with be called "Tour Yumemiru Uchuu."  The first round of fan club ticket reservations has already finished, but advanced reservations through the official site are now open.


  1. Thanks for the report. I'm sorry to read about the fans' poor behaviour, though.

  2. Thank you very much for the report! I was especially excited (and envious) to read about the buck tick and Merry live, my two favourite bands playing together! I would have loved to have seen sakurai and Tetsu, bass guitarist of merry together, at times they really look alike!

  3. @ soju/sake - I wouldn't have mentioned the badly behaved fans so much, only, they were much worse on this tour than they usually are. Disappointing, because the tour itself was great.

    @ Cordelia Harrison - You're welcome. I wouldn't say Tetsu looks much like Sakurai, but as I hadn't seen Merry in three years, I was pleased to see they're still going strong!

  4. Cayce, im glad to read you had so much fun at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo with your favourite band Pay Money to My Pain. Maybe you should add the band's great lyrics to Not Greatest Site :)

  5. @ Angeltears - I'd add PMTP's lyrics to NGS, only, they're already in English so there's nothing to translate ;)

  6. Cayce, thank you so much for the report! Sadly my finances (mostly lack of) didn't allow me to attend but at least now I can read about what happened! Sounds like an amazing time!

    Do you know where on the official site to go for the reservations? I'm a FC member but my Japanese is a bit fail and I'm struggling to find it. If you could point me in the right direction that would be lovely. Thank you!

  7. @ Steph - The fan club reservations are already over. Right now reservations are happening via the official site. The reservation period lasts till 2PM July 31st Japan time. The link is here: http://pia.jp/v/bt12hp3/. You will have to register on Ticket Pia in order to reserve tickets.

  8. Thanks for great live reports, as always - it was especially fun to read reviews of the three I attended, since I got to relive them all over again. The Yokohama gig will always have a special place in my heart because not only were the Lowbrows utterly awesome, but it was my first BUCK-TICK live too. Rather unexpectedly I did have someone to be excited at (with?) about everything as it happened on the night, but it's just as much fun to be excited all over again remembering it.

    It really was a shame about the crowd behaviour though - even the level of pushing/shoving/rib-jabbing at Yokohama in the halls after the gig surprised me. Crazy. And there was really no excuse for being so badly-behaved at Zepp Gundam that the band had to stop playing.

    Still, I'd do it all over again next week if I could. Here's to the next tour I can make it to, and in the meantime I look forward to living vicariously through your blog.

  9. Cayce - Thanks for letting me know :) I was thinking FT official site and hadn't realised this was through the Pia site instead.

    I entered the fan club lottery earlier this month and got a few tickets but missed out on just under half of them so was hoping to try again.

    Also meant to say last time around (was just reminded by Mawb's comment) that...wow...I've never been to a B-T concert where fans are as badly behaved as that. I really hope it didn't spoil the experience for either of you :/

  10. Thanks for the details repo! ^^

    Hope I can see the full LIVE picture of Sakurai-san with Gara from the dvd~

    Totally agree that the Zepp Divercity sucks...
    It's really not a good idea for setting the coins lockers & bar in underground, especially when the LIVE is over... Besides, it'll be better if the cut off time for renting a locker can be announced a bit earlier.
    Hope B-T will go back to the old Zepp instead of the new one in the next standing tour in future...

    Also felt that it's a bit hard in this tour.
    I usually stand in Hide side. Compare with previous standing tours, the fans were much crazier than before. Just like the night at Yokohama Blitz, I was standing at the 3rd row in Hide side. Fans just kept on pushing & pushing from the begining of LOWBLOWS's preformance. Really can't enjoy their music, even B-T's... T_T

    Got crazy that B-T with kyo on Tanabata! Amazing!! Hope it'll be included in the dvd too!!


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