Translators' Miss Take

Just a heads-up, the translations for "Miss Take" and "Only You" are up on Not Greatest Site, so go have a look.

Live reports of the Parade Tour in good time.

For people attending the shows tomorrow and Saturday: please remember, pushing is pointless.  Pushing really hard on the fan in front of you, even if you manage to break her bones, turn her to jelly, and thus squeeze past her toward the shoulder of the next fan to push on, will not get you close enough to the stage to touch Toll.  Toll is on a high platform out of your reach, no matter what you do.  Also, screaming "YAGAMI TOOOOOOLLL SAAAAAAN" fifteen million times in Cayce's ear may earn you a Guinness world record, but it won't earn you anyone's love.

Bearing that in mind, I urge you all to take deep breaths, and ask yourself, "what would Imai do?"

The answer is: he'd be more motionless and expressionless, the more he liked the music.  (He really enjoyed The Lowbrows.)

Enjoy the last two shows.

P.S. Imai wrote the lyrics to "Only You."  Really really.  First of all, Sakurai would never use the phrase "Only You" as a song title.  Second of all, Sakurai would never make a reference to "Born This WAy," intentional or not.  This is all Imai's work.  Not convinced?  Check NGS.


  1. ''Born this way'' isnt that a Lady Gaga reference? I Imai is a fan of Lady Gaga if i remembered correctly right?

  2. I've been thinking, do you know any reason why the song was named Miss Take? Or if not, to you how does it relate to the song?

    I really love your translations and also I love BUCK-TICK. As a fan, I'm just curious...lol

  3. @Anon -Cayce did discussed a lil about the title in previous post. http://blog-tick.blogspot.com/search/label/Miss%20Take

  4. Being crushed on all sides by fans trying to touch Mr Toll's hair is, however, totally worth it for an up close and personal view of Mr Imai's jewel-encrusted pants. Truth.

  5. the lowbrows...ugh.... I wonder, why did Imai-san like them so much? but anyways,
    will you be writing a live report of either the show on the 4th or the 6th? especially the 6th? I think that would be an awesome reading material :)

  6. @anonymous Hey, I thought that The Lowbrows were fantastic! Best performance of the three bands I saw play with them on this tour, no question.

  7. The Lowbrows were awesome and very skilled at live-mixing. Pay Money to My Pain were derivative, gigune, and laughably un-self-aware. But, it's a matter of taste.

    Imai is not a fan of Lady Gaga. He went to see her live show, but according to what he wrote on his blog, he didn't much enjoy it.

    I hope to write a live report of the tour, but it may take me some more time.

  8. why would Sakurai-san never make a reference to born this way does he dislike this song?

  9. @ Anonymous - He surely doesn't know the song to begin with. I doubt Imai does either. I just think the lyrics are thematically related.


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