Spaced Out in your Buck-Tick Dreams

After much anticipation, Buck-Tick have announced the title, release date, and tracklist for their new album. The Album in Question will be titled Yumemiru Uchuu ("Dreaming Space") and will be released on September 19th. The album will feature 11 original tracks, and as if that wasn't enough to get your fangirl knickers good and wet, the first press limited edition will also include a bonus DVD with footage from the soaking wet rainstorm show at the Hibiya Ongakudo on Jun 10th.  Sure sure, maybe 11 measly tracks is a short album considering some of their earlier odysseys, but cut them some slack, they're an indie band now.

The track list is as follows:
1. Elise no Tame ni -ROCK for Elise-
4. Ningyo - Mermaid-
5. Yumeji ("The Dreaming")
7. Kinjirareta Asobi -ADULT CHILDREN- ("Forbidden Playtime")
8. Yasou ("Nocturne")
10. MISS TAKE -I'm not miss take-
11. Yumemiru Uchuu -cosmix-

The bonus DVD track list is as follows: 
1. Elise no Tame ni 
2. Revolver 
3. Shippuu no Blade Runner 
4. Yumemiru Uchuu 
5. My Fuckin' Valentine 

I'd like to note that while replacing the letter "u" with the letter "a" is a very, very common mistake among Japanese second language speakers of English, with Imai, it's impossible to tell if the word choice "Inter Raptor" was deliberate or not. Does he mean "interruptor," like "rock-n-roll interruptor," like "rock-n-roll interceptor" redux? Or, is he really talking about raptors? 

Personally I hope it's the latter, because I've been waiting many a year for the day when Buck-Tick gets Randall Munroe to do an album cover.

P.S. I apologize if the formatting is fucked up, the Blogger interface appears to be having issues with Chrome again.  If it pisses you off, tell Google that next time, it should make sure its fucking products climax together, not just separately.


  1. Have they made any mention of the style/direction the album will take? I'd like to think that, since they named the album after Yumemiru Uchuu, a lot of the album will have the same layered, reverb drenched feel as that song does.

  2. It could be some sort of "interceptor" type thing too.

    And I use Firefox so your formatting looks great to me. :)

  3. @ ScarUponTheSky - It's a Miss Spelling of "interruptor," I'm 100% positive. It's a Japanese/English orthography problem...since the schwa sound in English (often represented with the letter u) sounds much like the "a" sound in Japanese (to Japanese ears, at least) a lot of Japanese people replace "u" with "a" when they write English words containing schwas. Examples: "Back-Tick" (Buck-Tick), "fanny" (funny), "matt" (mutt), etc. The only question is whether Imai was aware of the double entendre. I think he was, I think that's why he decided to split the word in half, to underscore the double meaning. The reason why I think it was aware is because it's the same kind of word play as "miss take".

  4. Maybe it's also a play on interpreter ; ) Anyway exciting news. "The Dreaming" makes me think of Kate Bush. I'd love to hear Imai play a didgeridoo!! lol


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