Drummers and Raptors

A live report of Yagami Toll's 50th Birthday Live is now up over at NGS, so if you are interested, please go read it. 

Also,there has been a marathon showing of the Jurassic Park movies on Japanese TV for three subsequent nights.  Cayce doesn't have a television, but nonetheless somehow managed to catch movies one and three at two different rock-n-roll bars.  But then, I suppose that's to be expected, because rock-n-roll and velociraptors have always gone hand in hand.  And speaking of raptors, in the most recent Fool's Mate interview with Buck-Tick, Sakurai and Imai explain the origins of the title "INTER RAPTOR".  Believe it or not, Sakurai came up with this title.  The meaning is very symbolic, so perhaps I will translate a section of the interview and let him explain it for himself.  But, he's referring to raptors as in, birds of prey.  Not velociraptors, unfortunately...though come to think of it, modern day birds of prey are basically direct descendents of velociraptors, so it all works out.  So the intelligent world believes, at least.  Unless you are a believer in the Flying Spaghetti Monster, in which case, Amen.  Imai doesn't know the world "interruptor."

Also, it looks like we're in for some Buck-Tick style surf rock and rockabilly.  Put on your dancing shoes and aloha shirt in anticipation of "Ningyo -Mermaid-" and "LADY SKELETON."

Also, Imai's section of the interview is entitled "Entrance of Space."  Is it just me or does that sound mighty kinky?


  1. It sounds like Toll's Birthday Live was really fun. Thanks for the report. And your fanservice description was hilarious. XD Stretch it out over a few books and you could become a popular "novelist."

    That interview seems interesting, too. (Though the lack of dinosaurs is slightly disappointing.)

  2. Mr Imai has been listening to his old Cramps CDs then? (I'm sure he has some somehere) :) This album just sounds better and better.

    And it's only kinky if Sakurai's is entitled "Rocket of Thrust".

  3. Surf rock? That's going to be interesting...
    And I hope Imai wrote the lyrics for "LADY SKELETON".

    Also, I started reading Yagami's birthday live report and had to say something about "magic potatoes do not exist". Are you and Tania still going on the "BiTch, I'm a better translator than you"? Not that I want you both to stop it, 'cause it's like real life novela XD

  4. @ guitarchic11292 - I am glad you enjoyed the fanservice with dignity. And perhaps Buck-Tick's next PV will have dinosaurs in it, you never know.

    @ Mawb - Sakurai's was called "Exit of Space." It should have been called "Rocket of Thrust."

    @ Anonymous - The magic potato story was an incidence of an NGS reader taking everything I say a wee bit too seriously. It had nothing to do with translation. Mostly at NGS we enjoy fooling people into believing stupid things that aren't true and then laughing at them behind our hands, but on the other hand there are times when that really isn't a good idea. Cayce is not acquainted with this Tania of which you speak.

  5. LMAO I love you(brand new information!). Dying @the pr0n lol. I've been reading the hell out of reports of the birthday live but your reports>>>>>>>everything. Thank you so much!<3
    I can't wait for the album!

  6. @ Anonymous - You're welcome! I haven't seen any other reports yet but I'd be quite curious to read them! Could you email/post links?


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