NicoNico Buck-Tick Cafe, Part 2


Thusly did Blog-Tick and friends brave the NicoNico Buck-Tick Cafe.

There were many creepy BuckNicos to be found.

The black mannequins somehow did not look quite as saxxy as the band members themselves did.

Detail of Yutaka's bass-inspired lapel.

Detail of the hot glue stains on Imai's amazing gold pants.

Django the Dazzler, in the flesh.

Acchan 4 U.

Hide's jacket.

A table at which one could theoretically sit and eat that horrific-looking curry.  No one was eating it while we were there.

The Buck-Tick fan Wall of Love!  Anyone could draw or leave messages on the wall.

This drawing of Mr. Sakurai strangely resembles the vocalist of now-defunct Buck-Tick copyband B-T-K.

But this one of Yutaka is darling.

Buck-Tick cats are much better than NicoTubby Bucks.

And look!  A raptor on a velociraptor!  Someone must be thinking along the same lines we do!  I should buy them a beer!  For those of you who can't read Japanese, the caption says something like "Give me more Inter Raptor!!"

Buck-Tick purikura, where you could take a picture next to your favorite band member (virtually.)

The third-floor shop was sadly devoid of most of the colors of the Parade t-shirt, but full of NicoBucks.  No one was buying the t-shirts but they were sold out of the towel.  Full marks to the purikura, though.  It isn't often you can take purikura with a virtual Toll.





  1. *-------------------* Utsukushii!!!

  2. B-T purikura is obviously the best purikura ever. Also, as amazing as Mr Imai's pants are, I have to say that Mr Higuchi's outfit looks even better up close. Thanks for the pics!

  3. I like the clothes. Especially those of Sakurai. Great style.

  4. The drawings are so cute!!
    Wonder anyone had tried that curry...
    Thanks so much for the pics~~

  5. @ Michelle - a friend of Blog-Tick tried the curry, but I never heard what her verdict was on the taste. The picture she took of it looked truly dreadful, though.

  6. Today i sent my Japanese friends to write a message for me, they ate the curry and said it was just normal mild curry~ (i don't know if you ever saw the niconico X cinnamoroll curry. It was blue. THAT looked scary)
    I really wish they let that purikura machine somewhere for when i go back to Japan ;_;/
    Thanks for the report!


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