Parade Day 2




Mobile phone cameras take terrible photos in the rain, in the dark.

Yes, Buck-Tick played a different set list than last night, and yes there were fireworks.

Yes, unfortunately Mr. Imai joined Pay Money to My Pain to play some sort of attempt at a cover of "love letter."

No, Mr. Sakurai did not participate in any guest sessions.

Yes, N'Shukugawa Boys were surprisingly fresh and funny.

Yes, Dir en grey's Die was a special guest guitarist of D'erlanger, and there was a makeout scene.

No, the makeout scene did not involve Sakurai.

Yes, we got to see Messrs. Imai and Higuchi cosplay members of the Polysics.

No, I have not written a live report yet, but I will as soon as I can, so wait patiently.





  1. *_* Sounds great...
    Why no Sakurai-fanservice and no guest sessions? He is so good in doing that! He was awesome when singing Dress with Taka-chan =(.
    I wish he wouldn´t mind so much about aging =)..
    I will be waiting for your report and some videos on youtube thrilled, but patiently. ^-^
    Well, did he keep his awesome hairdo at least?
    From 35:00 starts a freaking cute moment with Yuta and him =D

    Sorry, if I wrote this twice. I´ll never comment something via mobile phone again, it fails all the time -_-

  2. Just curious, did any BT members team up with either Acid Android or AA=?

  3. I really hope someone at least got a photo of Die up on stage with them ^__^

    Oh, and you can't just tell us that and then not say who the makeout session involved, lol. My money's on Cipher and Die.

    Please do let me know when you post your review, I'd love to read it!

  4. @ Juli - I'm sure Sakurai not doing guest sessions has nothing to do with his age. The bands at the festival weren't really his crowd (that was Anii's party.) The hairdo was for the interview. There were multiple other hairdos.

    @ Lawrence - unfortunately not. I was hoping they would.

    @ cadkitten - You're a good guesser! Unfortunately Cipher and Die's moment of love wasn't quite long enough to make into a fanfic parody. But kissing while playing a guitar solo probably requires some skill.

    1. LOL oh wow, never thought I'd end up guessing that actually correctly. It doesn't matter how long it was, I'm sure the fanboy in Die was like :D anyway. Ah! It made my day that it was, lol.

  5. It's really not a surprise that Sakurai didn't join any guest sessions, though I did think about whether he joins with D'ERLANGER or not before the Fest.

    Awaiting for your repo, especially the part of Die with D'ERLANGER!

  6. Hello! I need some information on Buck-Tick (of which you are an expert on, obviously) and hope you can help me out. I am aiming to go for the 2 concerts held at 渋谷公会堂 (13th & 14th Nov) and was wondering how varied their setlist will be between the 2 nights. If they play the exact same setlist (I suppose they will play the entire "Yumemiru Uchuu" album? correct me if I'm wrong.) for the 2 days, then I will just go for the one on the 14th then. And ya, I know both days are sold out; Im going to go through auctions and just hope I don't need to spend an arm or leg for it (just wanna be there and Im not picky about seats).

    Thanks in advance!

  7. @ sads - The comments section is not the place to ask me questions, if you want to ask me questions, please email me directly.

    On hall tours they play the same main set and vary the encore sets each night. They will probably play about 25 songs (encores included), including all the songs on the new album plus some old ones. P.S. it's the Shibuya Kokaido.


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