Fish Tanker's Only 2014 Report

It's past midnight and officially Friday the 13th in Japan, and Cayce's photo-annotated mini-report of the Fish Tanker's Only Tour 2014 is now up over at This is NOT Greatest Site.

Are you jonesing for box wine?

Are you a card-carrying card collector?

Do you like raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, but only when used as smutty euphemisms?

If the graphic above represents how you feel about the items above the graphic above, then boy is this the live report for you! And if you enjoyed reading, please leave a comment below. As always, thank you for your support.


  1. Had to put the other live report on hold for a week due to work (ah, bills needs to paid) so settling comfortably to read it today was ... well, what's better than one live report? two live reports of course :) amazing cayce as always, impecable writing, irony and references :)

  2. Great thanks, Cayce! The reports are amazing and so are the photos and the captions)))
    Happy Valentine Day! We love you)

  3. I tried to leave a comment but couldn't get it to work last time. Wanted to say "thanks" for the awesome report. Brilliant as usual and the emcee moment was priceless!

  4. Sorry for being so late. Only now I got the time to fully read the reports.
    I actually liked the Fish Tank freebie bag. I wasn’t too fond of Aquirax’s mermaid design on a T-shirt though. But I liked the bag. Maybe it’s the gold?
    I’m glad you talked more about the Osaka show, since I didn’t go to that one :) To be frank I found the control railings inside Zepp Tokyo more of a hassle than anything, but I can see how they could be a potential problem-solving for the high-spirited Osaka fans fighting against the laws of gravity.
    And the kairo… “to provide soothing warmth during periods of bloody melancholia.” That sounds quite disgusting, but hilarious suggestion nonetheless.
    Thanks for the fun read!


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