Der Zibet 1991 Upper & Downer Tour: Special Guests!

Translation from "Club Quattro Buck-Tick Special Presents," a special issue of the Buck-Tick club newsletter published in January 1992. Original text by Shimokawa Hajime.

Der Zibet Upper & Downer Tour Part Two
Tuesday December 10th @ Kyuudan Kaikan

Has everyone heard Der Zibet's new album "Shishunki II" that was released on October 21st? We were so surprised that Mr. Imai and Mr. Sakurai were featured as guest performers, but they also performed at the live show!! We just had to go to the Kyuudan Kaikan!

At the door, we picked up our 3rd-floor tickets and went to our seats...oh no, we can only see their heads from here! We changed position as fast as possible. We made it to a spot at the very back of the first floor, but as soon as we'd gotten fully engrossed in Der Zibet's creepy, mysterious world, Mr. Issay called Mr. Imai onto the stage. Ooooh! He was wearing a tight leather jacket with feathers around the collar. Sooo gorgeous!! He played in his usual guitar style. In no time Mr. Imai's fantastic transformation into a Der Zibet member to perform "4-D Vision no Rasen Kaidan" was over. But three songs later Mr. Issay paused for another MC, saying, "I think you know who our next guest is..." and with that, Mr. Sakurai appeared on the stage. He stood to the right of Mr. Issay and they started into "Masquerade." I remember one magazine said it was just like Ginkoi, and they were completely right. Sakurai went behind Issay, put a hand on his hips, and twined himself around him. Wow! I couldn't take my eyes off their embrace. They are too cool! But as soon as I thought that, Sakurai slipped off stage and "Masquerade" was over. It all happened way too fast.

I couldn't get over how cool Der Zibet was. They're amazing, that's all I can say. Why did this have to be just a one-time thing?! If they do something like this again, I really want to see it!

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  1. I love these translations, thank you! Btw, I used the link to the Gothic Bellydance, that is soo cool. Anyways, great translate!


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