Higuchi Yutaka on Blogging

So what does Yutaka think about blogging, anyway?

FT: A little while ago, Imai started a blog.

Higuchi: Yeah, he did~

FT: Imai said you'd bookmarked it, U-ta.

Higuchi: Yeah, I bookmarked it! I'm reading it!

FT: So, what do you think? I mean, about the band members blogging.

Higuchi: It's pretty cool, isn't it? I've been thinking to myself that I kind of want to start one too, but I'm a child so I think I'd get bored with it...I mean, I wouldn't get bored, but I think I'd forget to update. But I wouldn't want anyone to think, "What, has he died or something?!" Because I already have a bad record! Hahaha...I always do stuff like that.


  1. aww, he seems to be the friendliest one...I <3 U-ta!

  2. Oh, sweet, sweet U-ta... *happy sigh*

  3. So he doesn't have a blog then I've been looking

    1. He does have a blog now, but he didn't at the time of this interview. However, his blog is only accessible through Love & Media Portable.

    2. so i cant access it on pc or laptops?

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.


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