Buck-Tick on Buck-Tick: The Movie

In the pamphlet for Buck-Tick: The Two Movies, the Buck-Tick members were asked to answer a short set of questions.  Here are their responses.

What was your first reaction to appearing in a movie?
Yutaka: Pleased
Toll: Overjoyed
Sakurai: Happy, very happy
Hide: I selfishly inflicted my presence on you all...
Imai: I didn't actually do anything myself, but I'm embarrassed anyway.

When you watched the movie in full, is there anything that particularly stood out to you about Buck-Tick's 25th anniversary year?
Imai: Thank you all so much!
Toll: We were busy.
Yutaka: We got to celebrate with the fans and play a lot of great shows.
Hide: One hell of a year.
Sakurai: Dense with activity.  I never stopped singing!

How well do you think the movies represented your daily activities as a band?  What impression does the film give of the other band members?
Hide: It's like that.
Toll: This is how we are.
Yutaka: You got to see all sorts of parts of us.
Imai: Like, "uhhh" or like "yeah..." or like "say wut"
Sakurai: Aren't we all sexy??

What was your favorite scene in the movie?
Sakurai: The scenes were the staff are being so helpful.
Toll: The scenes comparing us 25 years ago to how we are now.
Hide: The scene of us recording 25 years ago.
Imai: The part where our bassist is backstage doing OOOO and then XXXX and then YYYY.
Yutaka: All of them!

Was there any incident on your 25th anniversary tour that particularly stood out?
Yutaka: Again, all of them!
Toll: We played showed in places we've never performed before (Shiga, Tokushima.)
Hide: Rain, rain, rain!
Imai: Our serious faces while we were having so much fun. And I ate nothing but salad.
Sakurai: Drink or sing.

If a band were a marriage, the five of you would be celebrating your silver wedding. That's a big deal! Why do you think you decided to keep running around with these guys for 25 years?
Imai: It's like, of course.
Hide: Because how we are in the movie is how we've always been.
Toll: It's fate. (I know it's long but it feels short.)
Sakurai: Cuz it's Anii, and Yuta, and Hide, and Imai! [aw, shucks]
Yutaka: RESPECT.

While you watched the movies, did you have any thoughts on Buck-Tick's future?
Yutaka: We'll keep running!
Hide: We'll keep rolling
Toll: We'll do as much as we can do
Sakurai: We'll go as far as we can go
Imai: Now that you mentioned it, I had no thoughts.

What new challenge would you like to take on in the future?
Hide: Mm not really?
Sakurai: Touring Asia.
Toll: I want to run a rock bar.
Yutaka: Every day is a challenge!
Imai: No challenges for me.

If you got the chance, would you make another movie?
Sakurai: Sure
Toll: Maybe for our 30th anniversary?
Yutaka: If it would make the fans happy.
Hide: If there were a chance.
Imai: What about a film soundtrack?

How would you like the fans to view the movie?
Yutaka: This is a documentary of the fans, and the staff, and the artists we performed with, and we wouldn't have been able to do it without your love, so enjoy watching it!
Toll: This is how we are.  This is Buck-Tick.
Hide: Just chill and watch it.
Imai: While you're drinking beer.  You should be drinking beer.
Sakurai: With popcorn and cola, and beer (ouch your butts are going to hurt before the end.)

Please tell us your message to the fans.
Hide: Thanks for coming to the show. See you again at the next show.
Toll: We'll just keep working, so lend us your support.
Yutaka: We'll just keep on running, so lend us your support everybody.
Imai: Wait for the new Buck-Tick.
Sakurai: Enjoy your music, and your life. Till you meet B-T again in the flesh. Thank you with love.


  1. It's hard to choose a favourite remark here but "Now that you mentioned it, I had no thoughts" has to come close.

    Mr Imai always manages to make me laugh.

  2. We still (heart) you, Cayce... in case you were starting to feel neglected because no one is posting. I think Mawb pretty much said it all, is all. :-)


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