Buck-Tick Festival Tour Goods

Tour goods have been announced for the two fall festivals at which Buck-Tick will be performing: Kishidan World's Fair, this Saturday, and The Solar Budoukan, next Sunday.

Goods are viewable here, under "tour goods." http://buck-tick.com/live/live.html

Cayce will be attending the Kishidan World's Fair, and will be taking orders for tour goods at 20% commission.  If you want me to get you anything, let me know asap.  Last year, the hooded towels had detachable horns, so perhaps they will this year, too.

Sorry, I know that was boring, so I'll add that in the realm of juicy gossip, Hoshino Hidehiko went out today to an undisclosed location. He was not wearing underwear.


  1. Oh, was it that obvious that wasn't wearing one? lol

  2. I read on the Internet that he never wears underwear, so it must be true.


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