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Sexual XXXXX!
Seventh Heaven
Aku no Hana
Koroshi no Shirabe -This is NOT Greatest Hits-

All original pressings (not reissues.)  As always, all items are 100% guaranteed Japanese originals. Absolutely no bootlegs. I do not sell bootlegs.


  1. 4 "Shopping Service" updates in a row! Boring! Cayce, please get back to juicy BT gossip. We are running low in our addiction and will soon need to enter detox!!

  2. Hey Anon, care to attach a screen name to yourself the next time you call me boring? Did it ever occur to you that maybe I haven't been updating very much lately because 1) BT has been too busy procreating to make many albums of late and therefore there's not much news and 2) Toll's birthday party, at which Cayce was pleased to be in attendance, went on for three straight weeks and only finished just now (we drank all the box wine in Tokyo as a matter of fact)...which means that I have only now just stopped drinking and will need some time to detox my liver before getting around to writing a live report? (No party report, because what happens in wine boxes stays in wine boxes.)

    But since you asked.

    Juicy BT gossip of the week.

    Hoshino Hidehiko "twerked" on a mermaid and this caused her to become sexually aroused. I will leave you to imagine what happened next.

  3. I have no idea what "twerked" is but thank you for expanding my brainz. Although he has a nice face, I kind of shudder to think of Hide having sex with ANYthing. I am not enamoured of his mole!! But I will look up that fancy new word on the internetz. And no way will I attach a screen name! For one, I have tried and your silly blog dwarves won't let me and for two the Anonymous legion are cowards, dontcha know??


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